My Rose Colored Glasses

Ta-da! I did it! Now I know you all were expecting some sort of rhinestone encrusted Elton John jobby, so don’t be disappointed. I’m crummy at this digital photography thing (give me an SLR any day!) and I didn’t get the rhinestone heart on the left lens to show up well. Oops. But it’s there, you can see it. I guess it’t the right lens in the picture! For me, these are flaming flamboyant! And who doesn’t love the world better looking through rose-colored glasses?

5 thoughts on “My Rose Colored Glasses

  1. ERIC KILLED THEM! He broke one of the arms off, and I ran to the dollar store tonight to get another pair, and they are ALL GONE!

    They did have purple ones and blue ones, but hardly do they carry the panache of the pink ladies. Bummer.

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