Flux and Flow

What I was looking for was a picture of my kids with flowers or holding a dandelion, but alas, this one will have to do. I think it might be kind of fun to change the picture with my mood or with the seasons- maybe loosen my own constraints on my creativity? Do any of you do that? Sometimes my identity gets caught up in what's normal and predictable, and I struggle with change being ok… But always, when I do allow myself the room to experiment, it makes me a happier, better person. But I guess that really deserves it's own post.

So, I'm gonna be like Madonna (but not affect an accent). Or like Gwen Steffani (but not name my kid King- he has enough of a complex without that!) but these ladies inspire me, not necessarily with their music, but with their constant changing and playing with their look, and with their obvious love of being a girl. And I guess I need a little more of that. That, and pink sunglasses.

4 thoughts on “Flux and Flow

  1. I have the reverse issues. I just changed my blog look again. I also have this habit with the furniture in my home and my orginization. I can’t keep either the same way for more than three months.

    I say let your creative side out! I would love to see what you come up with!

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