Abby has thrush. The doctor said it’s no big deal, that I caught it early, and gave me an Rx for some medicine to swab her mouth with, and ointment to put on my breasts to keep me from getting it. Sounds fine. But now she won’t nurse.

For me, who has come all this way with breastfeeding, and finally having a successful baby nursing, this is simply unacceptable. She seems to dislike the ointment, even after I have wiped it all off, she won’t suck more than a few times without scrunching her little face up and sticking her tongue out. And she’s not too terribly happy about taking a bottle from me, either.

So does anyone have any experience with this? (Jane B, here is a good place to chime in!) Can she really give it to me if I feed her without the ointment? Is there anything else I can try instead? The pediatrician wasn’t all that helpful, just told me to give her the drops for 10 days, and lube my boobs. It’s not working!

So. I. Am. Pumping. Heaven help me.

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  1. My baby got thrush after I had weined (sp?) her, but we used some powdered stuff called Primadopholis for children,in her milk. It cleared it right up.

    As for your breasts, well, it is highly likely to get it from her if not extremely careful.

    So sorry about this! Thrush is such a pain!

  2. My 3rd had thrush- and I didn’t catch it early, it was a pretty bad case, apparently. She didn’t like the taste of the ointment either. Our Dr. said I could just use the medicine for her mouth on my boobs and that it would do the same thing. The downside- it’s quite sticky. It worked, though. After about a week it was gone.

    Good luck. Thrush is no fun.

  3. Poor Abby, Tracy! I know that it seems like she’s rejecting the breast due to the medicine, but it might just be that the thrush has gone farther down her digestive tract and it hurts for her to swallow, so she needs to take a breather after every few sucks. Keep up with the anti-fungal medication, though, because that will really get rid of the thrush. I told David that it was a good sign that she hadn’t gotten a diaper rash from the same thrush fungus, cause that means that it hasn’t traveled totally down her digestive tract and you did catch it early. You should see a marked improvement after 48-72 hrs. Good Luck! Jane B.

  4. Wow, Lammy, Thanks! I saved them to my folder of pics to use for the topper, and I’ll rotate them through. That was really very nice of you. Thoughtful. Thanks a lot!

  5. No problem… I am just learning to use photoshop… so I love the practice!!! 🙂 And don’t feel like you HAVE TO USE THEM… I just love to fiddle. 🙂

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