Update: Bugs and Violets

The Moving Bug has bitten me hard. Moving is something I’ve entertained just about since we first bought our house- we knew we wouldn’t stay- this is our “5-year House”. Well, it’s been just over 4 years, and boy howdy, I am ready to be gone!

Then I read what Allison, Em, Kathryn and Heather have just gone/are going through, and I wonder, “Do I really need to be able to walk around my dinner table? Do I really need to have a place besides the middle of the living room for a high chair? Do I really need a bathroom for me and DH that doesn’t have froggy decals in the tub and blue toothpaste smeared on our towels?” That’s a tough one. Then there is the way the interest rate on a 30-year just keep going up and up and up… Not really wanting to turn our 5.2 into a 6.5. But then I’ve been bitten by the bug, so logic and reason is really out the window.

Night before last, we went to look at a house I had my eye on- even with a realtor and all, official-like. It had a lot going for it, such as the neighborhood I want and a super big fenced (hu-zah!) yard that backs up to a greenbelt (read: guaranteed no backyard neighbor) and a gas range in a brand new kitchen. But, there were also things missing that we really want. Like wood floors and central AC- that’s more important to DH than me, but we have it now, so giving it up for a new place seems like a step in the wrong direction. So, the search and conundrum continues.

In other news, Abby and I look like big blueberries. There is violet dye all over me, my clothes, Abby, her clothes and anything we touch after she eats. Evidently, the way to cure Thrush is to stain everything in your life purple. But it’s working, and quick, too. I’m talking about Gentian Violet, an old fashioned, used for 100 years cure for Thrush that three other mama’s told me about. Aside from the fact I had to call 10 pharmacies to find it, all the pharmacists knew about it and told me it works. It does. But the price is purpleness. Serious purpleness.

You sparingly paint this purple stuff on you boobs, and then nurse your baby. The purpleness coats the inside of her mouth (and everything else too) and kills the Thrush. (I was skeptical, but I googled the stuff, and doctor’s agree it’s safe and effective)- so I don’t know why my doc didn’t mention it- maybe because the Nystatin cost $23 and the gentian violet was $2? The pharmacist said usually about three days is all that’s needed, so by Sunday, we might be normal people-color again.

There is a post today at MMW I wrote about how kids prey on their poor dads when mama is away, check it out if you’re interested.

8 thoughts on “Update: Bugs and Violets

  1. I am afriad that from my nomad lifestyle as a kid, hasn’t stopped as an adult. I get tired of things, homes, furniture arrangments, very quickly. I too feel the urge to relocate.

    And I completely forgot about Genetial Violet! I am glad that things are working out, even if you are now a purple people! 😉

  2. Aww, I had such high hopes for that house. There’s one up the street from us that’s not bad…(hint, hint) About halfway through your move you’ll be wondering what the hell you were thinking, so it’s probably best to stay where you are for the moment.
    “Violet, you’re turning violet!” Name that flick…

  3. Air conditioning is a lot easier to add than a new kitchen. So I would keep that house in mind. If you find one with a/c but a crappy kitchen, just know that it’s 3-5K for the a/c, versus 10-20k for a brand new kitchen.

    Moving sucks, but I know the feeling – when that bug bites – it doesn’t respond to logic like ‘rising interest rates’. A silver lining to that – our realtor told us that it’s actually good to buy when rates are high, because it drives the home prices down. EVERYBODY wants to move when interest rates are low, and so the home prices go way up. Hopefully you can refinance in a few years at a better rate (although there’s of course no guarantee).

    Good luck, I hope you find your dream home!

  4. Every move we have done has been to a house that is “just the right size” for our family, meaning no more than two people to a bedroom, and no less than two people to a bedroom. I get that moving bug quite often! Somday my dream home will come . . .

  5. Gentian Violeet causes cancer, it has been removed from all the pharmicies in the UK, and US pharmacies are beginning to remove it from it’s shelves. ENT’s (Ear/Nose/Throat), no longer use gentian violet to treat funfal infections. They use nizoral cream if in ears, nystatin if in mouth, and some others too.
    But, no more gentian violet, it contains a known carcinogen.

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