Rant: Baby Swings

I am on my second swing in two days. My baby, all 11 weeks, 16 pounds of her, is evidentally too big for a swing. And this is a very bad thing. I need a swing. I need a swing the way I need air, or my diet Coke. I need a swing.

The swing is what enables me to be a good parent to all three of my children, it silently and sweetly lulls Abby to a calm place, and keeps her happy while I do things with the other two monkeys. She naps in it, and she loves being in it.

So a few days ago, I noticed our swing, now five years old, was moving a little slow. After replacing the batteries, it did not improve. I took the thing apart, checked the apparatus thingy that makes it go, and all looked fine. Sans baby, the swing be-bopped away; with a dictionary in it, it be-bopped away. Add baby: s..l…o…w down. Bog. Griiiiiind. Stop. Crap.

Off to the second-hand store, got a new swing (actually pretty darn new and nice- worked fine with the baby at the store). I get it home, giddy with swing-anticipation, pop my gigantic baby in it, and watch it be…brought…to…it’s…knees. Crap.

Now what? Do they make a swing for gigantic babies? I had this same problem with the other monkeys, only I didn’t have two other monkeys to take care of then- so it wasn’t quite such a big deal… Both my boys were out of the baby-bucket carseat by four months, due to weight over-limits; they couldn’t even sit up yet alone, and were in regular carseats! Abby is on the same trajectory, only more so. She is only 11 weeks old!! Help!

9 thoughts on “Rant: Baby Swings

  1. Have you considered rewiring the swing motor to give it “more power”?


    You might want to consider something a bit larger – a 3 or 4 horsepower lawnmower engine would probably work nicely.

    Of course, then you’d have more of a “fling” than a “swing”.

  2. We got a used Fisher Price that we’ve used for both kids and we love it. Josh is over 18 lbs right now and it still works great with him – it also swings both ways (hee hee) – side to side as well as back and forth. I can’t find a model number on it, but it’s cream with navy.

  3. lawnmower engine? too tame. I’ve got a slightly used VW bus engine you can have. It’s eveidently not doing US any good…
    Just make the boys push her, they never run out of batteries

  4. Your baby is 16 pounds at 11 weeks? My second one weighed 9 pounds at her four month appointment! I was like “um…aren’t there newborn babies bigger than this? Should I be worried?” Funny how it all evens out, isn’t it?

    Ok, the swing thing. I have no advice whatsoever. Short of taking Abby to the store and putting her in all the swings, which I’m sure would be a fun party for you and the monkeys, I don’t quite know what to tell you.

    They have those bouncy chairs, and I think some of them vibrate. Maybe you could see if she likes that? Those have a higher weight limit, I think, but I don’t really know. It’s been almost 3 years since i’ve had a newborn, and that’s almost an eternity in baby-gear-time.

    Also, I am surprised – I would think the weight limit would be way higher on the swings.

  5. You know, I thought the weight limit would be higher, too. But I googled “baby swings” and found a consumer page that rated them, and the universal complaint is lack of oomph as the babies reach over 15 lbs. There is ONE swing, made by Fisher Price that you plug in, instead of using batteries, that claims to have more power. Do we want to sink another $90 into a swing?? uh, yeah, not so much!

    The lawnmower engine is very tempting… but as it stands, we are all on push duty. When you walk by the swing, you gotta give it a push. Trouble is, Eric things Flinging is way more fun, and almost pushed the dang thing over today!

  6. I guess the only thing to do is what you are doing…taking turns being the motor. 🙂 Sorry about the lack of power in baby swings. I didn’t notice that to much with mine since they wouldn’t use it for longer than 10 minutes, but my oldest loved to put the cat in it for a good “swing”. It looked alot like Erics fling sounds. LOL.

  7. It’s time for a johny jump up thingy. She can propell herself. My kiddo was the same way. At his 12 week appointment… ahemmm he weighed 20lbs. embarrassing yes but I figured I was NOT going to be rocking his huge mass by hand unless he was going to contribute to trying to lose some weight and rocking himself. Needless to say he loved it as did my daughter who thought it was fun to pull the jumper back and let it go sending said 12 week old spinning and bumping into walls. Both of them in stitches laughing their heads off. He jumped himself exhausted multiple times and fell asleep there more often than I care to admit. But he it kept mommy sane (I was tending 2 other toddlers at the time).

  8. Humm, I thought my swing could take higher weights. I still put my Abbie in it. I thought it was good to 20 or 25 lbs. My bouncers limit was at 15/16 lbs.

  9. Hey…I have the same problem!!!! My child loves to take naps in his swing. I mean LOVES it!!! He is about 20 pounds at 3 and a half months. HELP!!! Our swing goes up to 25 pounds!!!!

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