Happy 300th Post

Holy cow, how’d that happen?? Actually, I missed the 300th, and this is the 304th post. So, like most things for me, eh, close is good enough!

I started this blog a year ago next month, in response to a post on Mormon Mommy Wars that infuriated me enough to write the woman a letter. The woman who made me nuts did not allow comments on her site, so when I went to deliver my scathing tome, I had nowhere to put it. Aside from feeling like blowing up, I had no choice really, but to start my own place. Thus I was born.

Blogging has turned into so much more than an outlet for a ticked off letter. At first, only a few on my friends and family read my posts, but gradually a few other people found me, and were nice to me. Usually nice to me. Susan M was the first person to give me a link, and I was so happy; then MMW posted about me, and I started to feel like Dorothy in Kansas, because the big sites that I read before I started writing were now linking to me; then inviting me to join them- Egad!

Artistic endeavors have always been a part of my life- but painting has taken a backseat to babies and mama stuff- any of my long-time readers know about the ladies under the bed, but I just can’t do that anymore. Writing has re-kindled my creative fires, and given me something positive to do with my ideas and artistic flow. It has helped me work out issues, share the misery, get through long, barfy days, and be a better mama. I have made friends, friends that are real women, who I love and admire, and even if some of them are on the other end of the country, it doesn’t matter.

Writing, and reading what others write, had helped me clarify my feelings and strengthen my spirituality. Writing has helped me look at my fears, and be ok with them. Writing has enabled me to pull the cacophony of ideas and images and creations and love of words from the cloud around my head, and bring them to fruition. As someone who has always had a problem with clarity and having my head in the clouds of my own making, writing has simply grounded me.

Thanks, everyone, for all the love and support, and for tuning in each day to see what the cat dragged in.

12 thoughts on “Happy 300th Post

  1. You were one of the first people I encountered when I started blogging in February. I really admired your ability to write, so your recent comment made my day. I remember the day someone first linked to me – how gratifying! I love the whole blogging thing, our little Mommy Blog Ward we have going on here.

  2. Hey Cousin! I started reading your blog about a week ago (so have obviously not read them all yet) but I think you are a fantastic writer! Your entries are funny, touching, insightful, and beaufitul. I love reading about you, the hubby, and the monkeys. 🙂 I love you lots and hope to see you soon! – Heather

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