Heaven Anywhere You Can

As a mama, we gotta take little slices of heaven where we can find them. I found one earlier, and while it’s blown to bits now, I can carry the sweet memory with me the rest of the day.

It’s been crazy hot here lately, as I keep saying (because I loathe hot), so I have the curtains closed and the windows open, the lights down and the house is in a comfortable state of twilight all day. The AC will come on later, but for now, I’m enjoying the windows being open and Mediterranean (as opposed to frigid) climate.

It’s late morning, Abby is snoozing, and the Monkeys are in thier room pretending to be Transformers. They are jumping on their beds and playing with their building blocks.

I flop down on my bed, fully expecting to be bombarded with exuberant little boy bodies, but, miracle of miracles, they don’t notice me. As I lay there, enjoying the peace with every fiber of my body, I relax my mind meanders off. The sound of summer birds twittering away floats in the open window, and mingles with the song of boys playing peacefully. I sink further down in my pillow, and savor the cool feel of the old, fine cotton next to my face. For a brief moment, I feel like a child again, escaping the heat in my cool, dark bedroom, listening to the world slowly go by.

In the distance someone is mowing their lawn with a push-mower, and someone else has a sprinkler going. The leaves rustle on the Maple tree outside my window, and make fancy shadows on the wall. I can hear my baby breathing on the monitor, and the boys continue to make happy noise and laugh at each others silliness.

Life is perfect, even if just for a few minutes- don’t let those moments of bliss go unnoticed. Touch them, breathe them in, savor them, and most of all, let the little unexpected drops of heaven carry you away.

3 thoughts on “Heaven Anywhere You Can

  1. yes, I can smell the sweet morning air and feel the cool linen on my bald head.
    thanks for the color.

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