Bad Mom

I’m a bad mom. Here are some stellar examples:

 Eric will be 3 in a few months, and I haven’t even started potty training him yet. He tells me when he is going pee- “mom, my peein'” – oh great, sweetie. Jeffrey had been in undies for months by this age. My slew of “but’s” is long- but I was waiting for Abby to be born so I could stop barfing, but he had to get used to new family dynamics, but we are travelling next month, but we are going to Disneyland next month- all reasons NOT to potty train him. Ugh. Bad mom.

I ignore Jeffrey half the time. He talks constantly. And I mean constantly. He even talks when he is sleeping- and I have learned to tune it out, like white noise. DH will be getting annoyed about noise levels, and I don’t even hear it. Bad mom.

Sometimes I let the kids eat whatever they want for breakfast. That might mean chee-tos and peanut butter and popsicles. But sometimes I just don’t care. Bad Mom.

Abby hasn’t had her portrait taken yet. The boys had both had two  taken by this point, but not my cherub little girl. I’m trying this week, but will it happen? Probably not. Bad mom.

None of my kids have a baby book. Jeffrey’s is started, but Eric and Abby don’t even have one. Just a box of scrap paper with things scrawled on them so I don’t forget. Does blogging about their babyhood and childhood kinda count? Bad mom.

It doesn’t bother me when we play musical beds in our house. I can sleep in Eric’s bed, DH on the couch, Jeff in our bed, Abby in the barely moving swing- it’s all fine, as far as I care. As long as everyone sleeps, we’re good. Am I creating sleep mutants? Definitely not the Cleaver’s. Bad mom.

I make my boys help with their laundry. They are 2 and 4- is that bad? It’s a game for them now, and I kinda feel like if they get used to doing it now, it will be a habit later. Plus, I hate laundry. Never ending laundry. Bad Mom.

I bribe them sometimes. Bad mom.

If Abby is having a bottle, sometimes I prop it up or have Jeff hold it for her because I am juggling dinner and Eric or whatever chaos is happening. She doesn’t care, but I know this makes me a Bad mom.

There are lots of good things I do, too. But not today. Today I am  a Bad mom.

14 thoughts on “Bad Mom

  1. You are the poorest excuse of a mom on the planet….I mean absolutly hideous!!
    You should just put your head in the oven now and do us all a favor!!

  2. You’d have to be doing a lot worse to be a bad mom in my eyes… which should tell you something about the kind of mother I am. 😉

  3. You forgot “my kid wears dirty T-shirts and no underpants–Bad mom” and “Most of my child’s diet consists of Goldfish and Gatorade-Bad Mom”. That’s what’s going on at our house, anyway.

    We also play musical beds, J gets 5 points for helping me with the laundry (thanks for that tip, BTW!), and I bought a pre-made “Goodnight Moon” baby book where all I had to do is stick on pictures with a glue stick, the rest was done for me. So let’s get our neglected kids together and talk about what awful childhoods they have. I’m sure they’ll have a great time. I’ll bring the Goldfish and Gatorade.

  4. You know if you take a baby blanket and roll it up you can form it around the bottle so it will hold itself up, no extra hands needed…. although having another child hold it does lend itself to keeping those hands occupied as well.;-)

  5. “Sometimes I let the kids eat whatever they want for breakfast. That might mean chee-tos and peanut butter and popsicles. But sometimes I just don’t care. Bad Mom.”- That doesn’t make you a bad Mom, it makes you just like a Dad.

  6. Jared is right! I’ll try to remember when I’m feeling like a Bad Mom how my hubby would be doing what I’m trying to do.

  7. Boy! I know how that feels and I’ve only been a Mom for 2 years! My little girl is 27 months old and I haven’t really been consistent with the whole potty training deal! She would so be there if it weren’t for me holding her back and being just plain lazy! It get’s overwhelming knowing all the things that other moms do with their kids and all the things we as moms have to teach them! When she was a baby I thought that all of this mommy stuff would get easier when she got older, but now I wish she was a baby again! All in all though I wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything in the world! Love your Blog by the way! This is one I’ll like to keep coming back to! Thanks!

  8. Thanks for coming by Carrie. If you’re potty training at all at 27 months, you are way ahead of the game!! Some thing do get easier, by the way. And, I suspect, as they get older, some will get harder… Hard stuff, this mothering, is.

  9. I just found your blog today and you are so not a bad mom. You are a busy mom who cares about your kiddos and life is full. I think you’re doing wonderful!

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