Unicorn Threads and Butterfly Wings

A box came today for Abigail. From Chelsea. A box from Chelsea is never just a box- it is a multilayered flower than unfolds in petals, it is a butterfly emerging from it’s chrysalis, it is tissue thin leaves of gold stitched with unicorn-tail floss. A box from Chelsea is nothing less than magic. Unadulterated, lush green magic. And Abigail got her first Chelsea box.

(I’ll just gloss over how the boys have been complaining that no one loves them anymore, because every time the UPS man rings the doorbell he has a box for (sneering) Abigail. Oh, waah.)

Well, since Abby is obviously too young to do it herself, I tore into the box with glee. What met the touch of my fingers, as I peeled away the layers of tissue and packaging, was the finest white porcelain. A teeny, tiny, delicate white tea-cup lay in my hand, with a handle so small my pinkie finger doesn’t fit through it. As I continued to unwrap, three more tea-cups emerged, then a saucer for each, and finally, the fat little tea-pot. On each delicate piece was part of a woodland scene, a squirrel in a branch, a spider spinning a web, a butterfly on a flower, and so on. The teapot has a tiny painting of two boys riding a wooden stick horse on one side, and a little girl sitting on a milking stool on the other.

Each and every one of these miniature peices of art was thrown on Chelsea’s wheel, glazed and painted with her own hands- Her mark is on the bottom of each little cup. It is a treasure, an heirloom. And I am without words to adequately thank someone for such a gift. It cannot be done.

I don’t know what I did to deserve the friends I have, but I am constantly standing amazed at the women and men who grace my life. So much love, so much to share, so many talents and gifts and spiritual giants- in so many  people. 

My feelings can best be summed up in the Hindu phrase, Namaste, which loosely translates to ” I bow to the Divinity within you.” Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Unicorn Threads and Butterfly Wings

  1. Your welcome Tracy and Abigail. I can just imagine the two of you and an audience of stuffed animals sitting at the table (when Abigail gets old enough)eating scones and drinking tea! Its such a cute images, I just had to make it. Enjoy! Love, Chelsea

  2. Oh! How fabulous! Part of me wants to say, never give it to your girl, because she will just ruin it by playing with it. But a bigger part of me says ‘it was meant for her, let her enjoy it, and if it breaks, well, then, at least it lived, instead of sitting there untouched.’

  3. I agree with The Wiz, I don’t think I could let my little girl play with it, not until she is at least 20 and I know she won’t break it. But then again, stuffed animal tea parties just aren’t the same when you’re 20.

  4. Wow, what an amazing gift. The description brought me to tears, I can’t imagine what it must be to actually look at it! I too would be worried about letting her play with it, but it just wouldn’t have the same meaning if she didn’t I think.

  5. That was my first thought (of mixed fear and horror) too: You’re going to let her touch it?!?!?

    But I think the others are right. As painful as it will be if (when?) it gets broken.

    What am amazing gift!

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