The Power of a Good Book

Charlotte A. Cavatica died last night, and there are new tear splotches mingled with the original drops spilled by me, 26 years ago, in my childhood copy of the book.

Sweet Jeffrey fell apart last night when Charlotte died, all alone, at the empty fairgrounds. He curled up in my lap and sobbed, through torrents of tears, how he didn’t WANT Charlotte to die.

And my teardrops fell into his soft red hair as he wept in my lap.

16 thoughts on “The Power of a Good Book

  1. Not really. I don’t remember ever reading it. I hated spiders. (Charlotte dies? She’s the pig, right?)

    I never saw Old Yeller, either, although my little brother did and loved it.

    I cried all the time over Beth in Little Women, though.

  2. That is so sweet Tracy…yes I do remember Charlotte’s death and it was so tragic because Wilbur was so distraught over it. Very wonderful way of approaching the idea of death to your children…

  3. Oh, Charlotte’s death practically destroyed J! And then the other day, he said he wanted somebody to play with, and he wailed, “I’m like Wilbur without Charlotte!”

  4. Susan, if I didn’t know better, I would think you were kidding! NO! Wilbur is the PIG, Charlotte is the most beloved spider of all time! I never read Little Women (hanging head)

    Hi Shelley- haven’t seen you here before- welcome!

    Chels- Yes, it did turn into a discussion about death and we did the “Hand inside the Glove” thing to talk about our spirits/bodies.

    Heather- That is SOOOO cute! Like Wilbur… I LOVE this book with all my heart.

  5. How sweet… I love that you still have your original “Charlotte’s Web.” I still have my old Laura Ingalls Wilders – no teardrops though. Charlotte dying gets me every time, whether it’s the book or the movie.

  6. And I just read your comment about never reading “Little Women”… WHAT? LMA is only one of the best authors EVER. You are now assigned to read it. I want a book report in 6 weeks (cuz you have three kids).

  7. I saw the Charlotte’s Web animated movie when I was a kid. It didn’t make me cry.

    Can’t believe you’ve never read Little Women. Next you’ll be telling me you’ve never read Anne of Green Gables!

  8. My son cried for Charlotte too. We read my original copy together and we are half way through my original “Little House” books. He and the baby girl were playing yesterday after school and I couldn’t figure out what they were playing. He was sitting on the coffee table with the girl right beside him and they were bouncing up and down yelling “Haw! Haw!” When I asked what he was doing, the boy told me “I’m Manzo and I’m driving my sissy in the wagon with my oxes.” It is so funny how much kids will incorporate stories into every-day things.

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