Shape of a Mother

“A mother’s body is beautiful. Period” That is the header for  Shape of a Mother, and I absolutely love this site.

If you are squeemish about bodies or, more specifically, naked bellies, skip it. But, if you are like me, and thought you were the only one in the world with stretched out tummy skin and silver squiggles along your torso and thighs, check it out. Women post their feelings and emotions about how motherhood has changed them, their self-image and their bodies. Some post belly pictures, and some simply tell their stories.

Reading all the mama’s stories, about loving and hating our bodies, about self esteem and coming to terms with our new mama bodies was very moving. It was wonderful to see other women who look just like me; I don’t see many (any) women in ads or on the news who look like me-so it was refreshing to know I am not alone. Not by a long-shot.

Our bodies worked miracles to bring our children into the world, and it’s nice to try and appreciate that. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Shape of a Mother

  1. Tracy~these women are geniuses! I was about to go exercise out of desperation, but some how this helped! I am now going to exercise because it is part of filling my pitcher up! (Go read Grammy Rules for today…some what along these lines.:)

  2. Stretched out tummy skin? Hmmm, I always thought it was just a big batch of dough that had been glued to my stomach……
    Loved the site, and the fact that there are other women out there who consider their pudgy bellies a badge of honor.

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