Hot Hot Hot!

According to the great and mighty Google, (… the modern equivalent of the Oracle of Delphi?) the whole country is smothering under a sweltering heatwave. Here in the great northwest, where we are more comfy in our LLBean sweaters, the 100+ degree heat is utterly stifling. And, I hate being hot. Hate hate hate it. Gets me grumpy.

My red heads fry and turn into little tomatoes outside on days like we’ve had lately, and even the spf45 doesn’t cut it.  Jeff’s swim lessons have been put off another two weeks, because for the life of me, I can’t figure out what to do with Abby in 105+ degree heat. That is what our kitchen thermometer says right now. Ugh.

So aside from having the AC on to maintain my cool, litterally and figuratively, I am trying to come up with things to keep the monkeys occupied. Here are some things I have come up with:

Bed-sheet forts. This is taking place in our play room right now. The boys have been engrossed all morning in making forts, and all I supplied were two bedsheets, some chairs and a baby gate. Voila, hours of instant fun.

Finger painting. I know, I know, the disaster potential is great, but I found a recipe for making my own- and they are fabulous. Takes about 5 minutes to make, clean up fairly easy, and cost about a quarter, so who cares if they mess them up or spill? E-mail me if you want the recipe…

Play restaurant. My boys love to play pretend kitchen. And right now, Jeff loves to pretend to write, even though he really can’t. So give them a tablet and pencil, an apron and some play food, and they have a ball. We have  pretend food, but you don’t need it. Eric serves me up handfuls of delicious air all the time, and I taste it with great delight.

Go to the public library!! Free air-conditioning, free books, free story time, free weekly science stuff… Free!

Our local movie googaplex has free movie day for kids all summer long. On Tuesday, they show a rated G movie, and on Wednesday, a PG movie. For free. So check your local theatre.

Make popsicles, slushies, smoothies and milkshakes at home. The kids love to help, and they get to see how fruits and juices turn into good things to eat. Just know ahead of time they will make a huge mess, and be prepared mentally and with lots of towels.

Anyone else have any fabulous ideas for beating the heat with a house-full of little kids?

5 thoughts on “Hot Hot Hot!

  1. We are here in Utah to pick up our new baby and it is in the hundreds. My mom doesn’t have air conditioning. I want to kill everyone. How do you parent in the heat? It stinks that the whole country is suffering……thanks for the tips…….

  2. I never thought I’d be happy to go to work, but the free A/C there is such a blessing!! Unless you go to the outdoor garden shop, then the heat stops you like a brick wall.
    I have the perfect idea, leave the kids at the air conditioned babysitters and go to get lunch!! Or bring the kids and hit Cold Stone!!

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