Oatmeal Brain

I got nothin’ today. My brain is a puddle of oatmeal, and I can’t put together a cohesive sentence to save my life. Maybe my kids’ lives, but not mine.

The boys are still in their jammies, and it’s after lunch. The kitchen thermometer read 112 degrees at 11 a.m.- I know that wasn’t right, but still, just seeing it is freaky. I am hiding downstairs in my dark office, enjoying the cool, while the boys chatter and continue to make bed-sheet forts in the playroom. They come in here every few minutes to jump on me or whine or ask for something, or to climb under the desk and poop, if we’re taking about Eric.

Abby is snoozing with the fan on in her room. Yay for white noise. She is such a mellow baby, I am grateful beyond all reasoning. Now the boys are fighting, and I need to go me mama. *sigh*

I’m ready for fall. I love fall. The crispy air, the cool days and cold nights, the colors, Eric and I have birthdays, school starts…*sigh*

I got nothin’ today.

10 thoughts on “Oatmeal Brain

  1. Come on, that’s something. A cute little window into your hot life.

    I find I’m relying on gimmicky stuff on my blog lately, but hey, whatever works, right?

  2. “Crying? Crying? There’s no crying in baseball!”

    And I like the google thing- evidentally, I NEED take it to the net, and learn how to cook!

  3. Just found your site off Tales of the Crib. I love it. You are a great writer. I have a baby girl just a month older than Abby. Fun times for sure…
    Is your banner picture you?

  4. Thanks Missy- it’s always good to meet new people. I love Tales, so glad you found us with their link. The picture is of a dear loved one, but it may as well be me- people who know us both have mistaken it for me.

  5. I know what you mean. It’s hot down here too. And crazy humid. You know, where you could drown just breathing the air…

  6. Heathen-I heard that about the south… you can’t even dry off after a shower… no thanks!! I’ll take my dry, arid hot any day! Hope you’re settling in ok. We miss you!

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