The Virtue of Chick Music

Kinda like little white convertibles and movies with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, there are certain artists that I think of as Chick Music. And, like a Ryan/Hanks movie, sometimes Chick Music is exactly what I need.

Nothing to hard on the royal ear, nothing to demanding of my total attention, something I can definitely sing along with, perhaps with a dash of righteous angst, that is what I want from my Chick Music. Sarah McLaughlin, Natalie Merchant, Alison Krauss, Tracy Chapman, John Denver (Yes, he IS too Chick Music!), Loreena McKinnet, Hootie, Mary Black, No Doubt featuring the divine Gwen Steffani, Lyle Lovett, Alanis Morissette if I’m pissed off, maybe even Enya or Sinead if I’m really mopey.

These are bands that my husband just never picks up the CD and says, “Hey, babe, I feel like a little “Mirrorball” today!”- even if he does appreciate Ms. McLaughlin. (The possible exception might be Alison Krauss- because he really digs bluegrass) Hell will freeze over the day he pops in the “You’ve Got Mail” DVD, but he has watched it at least a dozen times with me… It’s a chick thing.

This music is like tonic water to my soul. Soothing, familiar, comfortable, an audio bowl of macaroni and cheese, if you will. Knowing every note, and singing along, off-key of course, while I do the dishes for the umpteenth time this week, helps me find my grove thing. Helps me remember who I am besides Mommmmmmmm! and brings to a happy place.

It’s no secret that when Mom’s happy, everyone’s happy, and I have noticed increased happiness in my kids when I play music and sing a lot. Not sure if it’s them responding to the music, or to the proverbial happy mom, but I’ll take it either way. That, and the quickest way to bring some yellow happiness your way, besides a lemon popsicle, is to dance. Dance with wild, abandoned goofiness. Let your kids see you act silly and make up funky moves; I guarantee you’ll be more interesting than any movie, game or fight they might be having. A dancin’ mama is a thing to behold, and every kid knows it.

So what brings out your groove thang? Go dig it out, pop in the CD, and show it to your kids! (Oh, and tell me, too. I won’t tell anyone!)

9 thoughts on “The Virtue of Chick Music

  1. What are you doing up so late??? Insomnia for me tonight. Anyway, I love Rascall Flatts. I listen to them at decibels far too high to hear my kids scream and then I dance and do dishes and clean and pretend I am a ballerina…I love it and my kids laugh and dance too. As for my music for 2x….techno!!! or DAVE MATTHEWS – Roooaaarrr 😉 Keep smiling and get some sleep

  2. Some blogher recommended the Weepies — and I am in love. It’s folk without angst. Happy without being peppy or maudlin — it’s been so long since I found a new artist that just made me SMILE. Go to iTunes and check out the songs “Gotta Have You” and “Painting By Chagall.” I even got some seventh grade girls hooked.

  3. Your post has just reaffirmed that in our marriage, I’m the guy and my husband’s the chick. He cried with me at the end of “You’ve Got Mail” and he LOVES Sarah, Natalie, and “chicks with guitars” as he puts it. I can’t stand the stuff. OK, I like 10,000 Maniacs, but it’s not the first thing I pull out. The older I get – I find this really strange – the more likely I am to flip through radio stations, find a Van Halen or Queen or Guns & Roses song, and CRANK IT. Not only is it all retro but it’s rock retro.

    My kids love it when I dance, just like I loved it when my mom danced. 🙂

  4. Naddin- don’t get me wrong, I LOVE other genres of music, but these are my Mac n’ Cheese cd’s, when I just want to groove. But I love a lot of other music too. And WHO doesn’t LOVE Queen??

  5. ABBA. It’s so funny that you posted this last night. Just yesterday I had ABBA blasting on the CD player while I did the dishes, and my babies wandered into the kitchen…and we all started to dance and dance and dance! It was exhausting and very very fun.

  6. I have to say, I’m a big Dixie Chicks fan, especially when it comes to cleaning. My 19 month old daughter loves to sing along! But, if I’m doing dishes late at night, I like Norah Jones or Josh Groban. I also love Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Aerosmith….go figure!

  7. Weezer does that for me. I love them and could listen to them all day. And Counting Crows when I’m feeling chill. I can’t stand many chicks with guitars.

  8. I’m with Jamie on weezer (but not the new one)Linkin Park
    and I can’t help but dance and sing when RENT (cleaned up movie version for the kiddies) is playing. (Especially embarassing when it’s on your iPod so no-one else knows what you’re doing. Not that I know personally)

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