What Kind of Parents Are We??

Honestly, Jeffrey is such a drama queen! Tonight, after kisses, hugs, stories, prayers, cups of cool water, a fan in his room, getting up to pee twice, and both DH and I going in there at least twice each, he begins a plaintive wail:

“Oh, what kind of parents won’t cover up their boy?” “What kind of parents won’t put a nice blanket on their boy?” He is doing his best to sound pathetic and abused.

DH and I are in the living room, our heads in pillows we are laughing so hard, and we don’t want him to hear us. We peer at each other over the top of our pillows, eyes teary and red-faced, choking back laughter.

11 thoughts on “What Kind of Parents Are We??

  1. That is hilarious!

    Our youngest gives us many moments of choked-back laughter. He gets so mad if we laugh at him, but it’s impossible not to sometimes.

  2. Kids are so entertaining! Who would have thought that kids could be so dang funny?? I love it!

    Tracy M- Thank you for leaving the first comment on my blog! It’s so exciting!

  3. OMG!! That’s a riot! But seriously. Tsk tsk… WHAT kind of parents would neglect such a sweet little boy who ONLY wants a little blanket, hmm?? LOL

  4. ROFL!! It has to be something about boys this age. My newly 4 year old boy just last night told us he needs help going to sleep. He tried shutting his eyes but they keep popping open. So he doesn’t know how to go to sleep. LOL!

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