Tornado Alley

Being the mother of little boys means constant motion. From the peeking sun over the eastern horizon, until the sky is “Gray dark”, as Eric says, which is very different from “Blue dark”, my life is overflowing with kinetic, whirling, busy, messy, energetic boys. Heck, if I’m honest, it’s even busy while they sleep, because that’s when I carve out my own needful things. That, and I haven’t slept through the night in well over five years now.

If it’s just my boys, or all boys, I can’t say, but they just never stop. From the time their little piggies hit the floor each day, they just go and go and go. There is no such thing as quiet time at our house- as much as we try! Even when I do manage to get them engaged in a book or story, they are poking, prodding, doing somersaults, wrestling or fidgeting while they listen. We may start playing a game by the rules, but before I know it, the Memory tiles are being made into forts, and the Lego people are coming to invade. The cherries from Hi-Ho-Cherry-O are bombs, and the poor guy from Operation is part of the Playmobil world now.

Their imagination is amazing, if exhuasting. While I was trying to steal a shower this morning, of course both of them had to come in a “see” what I was doing. And I mean, this was a quick shower- frantic rinsing, soaping, brush teeth while conditioner is on, scrub, scrub, rinse, done! In that time, both of the boys tried to get in the shower with me. Eric completely undressed, and when I opened the shower curtain, he was on the vanity, naked, with my eyeliner, drawing “whiskers” on his face “like dad!”. There was little left of my eyeliner pencil to salvage, and his face is still brown.

While I was cleaning Eric up, Jeffrey decided the kitchen floor needed mopping and dumped a bottle of cleaner out, then tried to use the Swiffer to “mop” it up- without a pad, of course.

This was all before 9 a.m.

And where was Abby, during all this? Sitting in her swing, chirping to herself, contentedly chewing and slurping on her hands. No matter what anyone tells you, they are different. Boys and girls, no matter what you do, are not the same. The boys are upstairs right now, having a burping contest. I am hiding. Abby is sleeping.

The other night, when I turned down the bed, there was a construction paper ladybug that said “I love you Mom!” on my pillow. Jeffrey was jumping up and down with excitement and glee at having surprised me. Just when I think I can’t do it anymore….

8 thoughts on “Tornado Alley

  1. I am soooo laughing out loud! I can totally see it! Yes there are definite differences. I guess I can look forward to the whole jumping in with me thing. Right now he’s content to just open the shower curtain, stick his head in and go “Hellooooo!” Bwahhahaha

  2. I love boys! I remember the days when I had to take my makeup bag with me in the shower or toddler man would apply mascara, eye liner, lipstick…
    The “I love you” ladybug says it all!

  3. There are differences, but I’m not convinced it’s all in activity level. My oldest has been busy from birth, and still will actually climb walls when she gets bored, because it is so hard for her to not do anything. My baby boy sleeps all the time, hardly moves when he’s awake, and seems content to just watch things.

    I can say I’ve noticed differences in the *way* boys v. girls play, though. My daughters play pirates, but are more likely to name their swords. And they never shout out “I’m going to EAT YOU!” like my two year old does.

  4. Awwwww, love the ladybug! Them boys are so sweet!

    My two young boys (called the “fighter monkeys” by their older siblings) are a lot like yours. Having had some of both, I have to disagree with you a bit – much of the difference comes in personality. My oldest (son) was completely laid back; next (girl) was completely energetic, outgoing, busy, fussy if no one was engaging her, or outside playing in the mud. The next two (sons) feed off each other. Youngest girl is all-girl.

    When I read “there’s a difference,” all I could think of was, yeah – I’ve been able to have all 3 boys wear the same clothes, they were still in good shape. Bella’s clothes… no way. Good thing Roz has an older girl cousin.

  5. DH, I just taught our guy to say that same thing!! To the babysitter no less! I was soooo funny..
    I was the climber, jumper, runner, crazy in our house as a kid. But my brother was the one who pretended to shoot and field dress imaginary rabbits….

  6. Cute Story, although, I also have to disagree with the boys v. girls statement. My girls can be just as rowdy and disagreeable as my boys. Personality is without sexual discrimination. Allie is by far my craziest baby and right now Bella is jumping off of my bed over and over and over again while singing “ring around the rosie” The boys are just hanging out quietly. Tonight it will be opposite, and hopefully they all won’t be crazy at the same time, but all that is is hope….

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