Blatant Stealing Here!

NaddinJtheblissfulplaydoughpickertotallymormonmillie’s site, What on Earth is that Smell has a fun game she plays, and my brain is mush from being up all night with a gassy girl, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon.

Quick, no cleaning up or cheating, What’s on your desk or computer table?

It’s frightening, but here’s mine:

  1. Superman band-aids hand picked by Eric as apeasement for his forhead-gash.
  2. A stapler that has no staples, but connect the papers with a tiny cut and fold. Endless fascination for the kiddies.
  3. The Pen
  4. My raisin-bran bowl from breakfast, with 1/2″ of milk still in it.
  5. Jeffrey’s nebulizer and fish-face mask
  6. An empty grape Diet Rite can inside a larger empty plastic cup that was used to hold flowers at Abby’s baby shower.
  7. A clay flower pot full of pencils that need sharpening, paintbrushes, pens and scissors.
  8. The baby monitor, so I can hear the Monkeys
  9. A bag of dries white beans, cut open, because Eric was so sure they were chocolate chips I had to let him taste one.
  10. A stack of photos of the kids that belong in an album, but will probably get misplaced and mangled by glommy hands.
  11. A wooden desk organizer I got in Germany a few years ago that the kids love to play with, so it organzies nothing.
  12. The JoAnn fabric ad and coupon
  13. A lamp
  14. A Mickey Mouse mouse pad courtesy of my mama
  15. A stack of bills in a wicker basket, my filing system.
  16. A green glue stick
  17. A picture of my sister-in-law and Jeffrey at her wedding.
  18. The string of beads from the Belly of a Black Winged Bird box.
  19. A desk callender with notes about to-do’s, houses for sale and post ideas that will never get written.
  20. A rubber band and a spool of thread.
  21. A jar of purple paint.
  22. A skinny blue hand-out copy of the BOM

Your turn!

11 thoughts on “Blatant Stealing Here!

  1. I love it! And I just moved my computer desk yesterday so it’s spic and span. Here’s what I have:

    1) Computer monitor (surprise! not)
    2) Mouse, sitting on a bedraggled piece of paper taped to the clear plastic top of the computer desk (the mouse won’t work without it)
    3) Big red 3-wick cranberry candle, sitting on a black iron candle plate
    4) Book: “Where the Sidewalk Ends” – I had to make sure I had “The Yipiyuk” correct this morning

    🙂 How fun! Do you mind if I link this to my other “Quick Whats”?

  2. I really was going to make a list and share it. However after looking at it I am not sure that’s a good idea. I would spend the next 152.83 hours doing an inventory and making a list.

    Thankfully the computer desk is actually more of a hutch. That’s right…Doors that close!

  3. A lot.
    -monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse
    -water bottle
    -a program from church on Sunday with other announcements from RS
    -a bowl of cherry pits and stems
    -an empty tupperware–used to hold the eaten cherries
    -a composition book open to a page listing all the companies I need to change my address with since we’re moving in a couple weeks
    -a picture of Rachel
    -Book of Mormon with a little note pad and a hair clip on top.
    -bag of quarters for laundry
    -can of spray air
    -a divider thing to hold my reciepts and bills and phone directories
    -letter from our Apt complex detailing all the things we need to do before we move out
    -a coaster
    -another note pad
    -a Pen

    It’s really not too bad. We have a big desk! (but that is only the desk part. There is an upper level that holds other stuff!

  4. If we count the table I use as a computer desk in the living room (which I will, for convenience sake!), I have

    -A Harry Potter DVD box — DVD inexplicably lost by the ‘lings!
    -A yellow padded envelope with contact information scrawled on the back of the guy who hit my truck the other day
    -A door flyer for a tanning salon
    -A bandaid wrapper
    -A spec document for a project DH is working on
    -my Laptop

    Amazing how little there is, huh? (Of course, I’m intentionally ignoring the desk NEXT TO my table, which is covered beyond bothering to examine; or the computer desk in the kitchen with the kids’ computer, the routers and the server; or the computer table DH moved into the bedroom so he can work in some semblance of quite when he is at home! So!)


  5. I’ll bite.

    -Monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse
    -Pens, pencils and other writing things
    -White Out
    -Stack of note paper on a pallette from the roofing company DH use to work for
    -Fireman Horse (Don’t ask)
    -iPod Mini
    -Bills from months ago that have yet to be put away
    -Random papers from DH School
    -Payment coupons for the many monthly bills (cars and house)

    That about does it.

  6. Let’s see,
    a whole forest of papers
    one of my many watches,
    cd cases,
    a Smokey Bear merchandise catalog,
    charger for my iPod,
    baseball player Christmas tree ornament waiting for me to glue his arm back on after Thing 1 tried to make him “throw the ball”,
    diaper wipes,
    permanent marker (blue),
    a spool of purple thread,
    and a gazillion other things which you cannot see because, as my dh mentioned above, we bought an armoire to hide all our crap!!!
    On TOP of the armoire….well, that’s a whole different ball game……

  7. We are at the lake so on the kitchen table:

    my empty coffee cup, with a spoon in it
    a bear holding salt and pepper shakers
    a calculator
    magazines (shape, soccer, windows it)
    trivets (2)
    window locks (2)
    notebook and pen
    grapes in a bowl
    apple jacks in a bowl
    and a napkin with banana bread crumbs!

  8. Ok. I’ll bite too.

    I’m at work, so this will get long, I think.

    – Computer, keyboard, mouse, mousepad, speakers
    – Stapler (with staples)
    – Kleenex box
    – Germ-X Original Hand Sanitizer
    – Tupperware with today’s lunch (not in fridge because I haven’t made it that far yet)
    – orange
    – plumb
    – cell phone
    – yellow notepad with work notes
    – open work files in color-coded hanging file folders
    – iPod (video) with headphones
    – desk phone
    – mug with assorted pens and markers
    – weight watchers POINTSfinder
    – framed pictures of my wife
    – deskplant, dry (in desperate need of water)
    – Palm 515 docking station (don’t know where the PDA is)
    – work ID badge
    – 32 oz glass of water
    – business cards (mine)

    I think that about covers it.

  9. Well since we are selling our house, and it now has to be clean all the time we down sized to a smaller desk, so…

    -head set
    -another head set
    -2 pens
    -cordless phone base (not sure where the phone is)
    -“buying your home” booklet
    -trail mix-currently eating
    -DH WOW paper notes 9+ pages
    -list of things to do
    -and a blank note pad.

    Now, if you ask me what is in the BOX that I used to clean of the old computer desk…that’a a whole different ball of wax!

  10. Considoring the size of the desk – not much:
    – 17″ CRT Monitor
    – Pile of receipts from last shopping trip
    – Pen Tidy full of pens
    – Glasses case
    – Subwoofer + volume control
    – Postits
    – 2 cheque books
    – Dolphin soft toy that sits on my monitor
    – Sea horse ornament that lives on my subwoofer
    – Cordless keyboard
    – Corded optical mouse + mouse mat with wrist rest
    – Rent receipt
    – PC Base Unit
    – Half full bottle of squash
    – Keys + wallet
    – Pile of unused envelopes

    Normally there’s more than that 😛

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