All I can say is: that’s what I get for turning my back for a minute. I went upstairs to tend and feed a crying, not feeling very well Abby, leaving the boys content playing Tinker Toys and watching Sesame Street. Then I got sidetracked, calling the doctor and changing my barf-riddled clothes. You know, mama stuff.

A little bit later, Eric came upstairs, complaining that he was stuck. Stuck on what, I wondered as I began to notice the strange wads of white, floss-like strands trailing off his behind.  I went downstairs, following the strands, and it appeared a gigantic spider had decided our play room was the ideal spot to build her new nest. And the bathroom, and my office, and dad’s exercise room, and the laundry room… The boys had gone in my sewing room and found some spools of thread. Lots of spools of thread. And had run around pretending they were Charlotte, spinning webs.

I have no thread left. Do you know how much thread is on a spool? Miles. And I buy the big, commercial cones. Uh-huh. What you are picturing in your head? That’s what it looked like.

16 thoughts on “Spinnerettes

  1. ROFL! Well, you are reading them Charlotte’s Web are you not? At least they aren’t out trying to find spiders to bring in to your home to make real webs. That is a serious load of thread!

  2. I just wanted you to know that I have read some of your work on FMH and I find your work to be well writen and very thoughtful. Even if I don’t always agree with the femenist veiw point, you are clear headed and asking the questions without attacking the veiw points of women like me. Good job!

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  4. I’ve really been wanting to have a little boy! But I don’t know anymore!(Especially if they take after my hubby! He he!) I thought my 2 year old girl had a TON of energy! Apparently I’m still a novice when it comes to that part of motherhood! Although, If I do have a boy with that much energy I could only imagine what it would do for my unwanted extra weight!

    I agree, what a kodak moment! Too bad you don’t have any pictures of it!

  5. My sister sent me to this post. I guess my late night calls crying over lack of babies got to her. Her email said- “reason’s to be glad you can’t increase your family.” I found a bizarre sense of laughter from it… I’ve not been here since you had yoru baby… but I hope all is well. And thanks… even though you aren’t sure why.

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