Punk Rock Girl

Cue up the Dead Milkmen- “…It’s just you and me, punk rock girl!”

OK, so I’ve never pushed the punk rock fold. Not even close. Maybe the Biker fold, the time I rode from California to South Dakota on the back of a boyfriend’s Harley. Maybe the Librarian fold when I have my hair in a bun and my glasses on… maybe the Hippie Chick fold when I followed the Dead (Man, I’ve had a busy life for a young thirty-something mama!), but about as close as I’ve come to Punk Rock is seeing Primus at a tiny club in San Jose, and a sicko appreciation for the Dead Milkmen. Until tonight.

My regular hair cutting gal was all booked up, and since we are leaving at O-dark-thirty on Wednesday morning, I needed to get in bad, so tonight I went to a colleague of hers. The cut is cool, and she flat-ironed it and “textured” the bottom, which as far as I can tell meant jaggedy scissoring the edges to be all spikey- you won’t be able to tell as soon as I wash it and it’s curly again. But the COLOR- Oh my stars!! She highlighted me, and boy howdy, I’m colorful! It took her two hours just to do the foil, and my hair is a United Nations of colors; lots of blonds, my natural brownish color, strawberry, and some total ORANGE that she was saying would match my kids hair! It’s kinda freaky, but since the cut is good, I really can roll with wacky color- it doesn’t last forever like a bad cut. But I LOOK way Punk Rock, way edgier than I am!

When I got home, Jeffrey was still up, and he stopped when he walked in the kitchen and just stared at me. 

“Mom, you look PRETTY!” Awwww…. Nothing like a boy who loves his Mama.

4 thoughts on “Punk Rock Girl

  1. As a woman desperately in need of a new cut, and pining for some new color, may I just say that I am supremely jealous??

    And, aww, what a wonderful comment! Don’t you love how those things can just blindside you and totally make your day??



  2. I got all dressed up for something or other before I had kids, and my niece saw me and said “I’ve never seen you look like that.” “Look like what?” “Beautiful.”

  3. aww.. you can’t say all that and then not have a picture! not saying you have to post it or anything, but I’d really like to see the hair…

  4. Trying to give me a run for my crazy hair money are you?! Well, we’ll just see about that! LOL
    I wish I could see your new ‘do, it sounds totally fab though. Here’s hoping you have a terrific time on your trip. Deep breaths, happy thoughts and all that…
    “we’ll travel round the world, just you and me punk rock girl”

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