Notes from California Part 2, Chapter 1

Let me just state for the record, the DVD player was worth it’s weight in fruit snacks on our flight. Never has my little wild goat been so sedate on an airplane as he was yesterday… he walked down the jetway himself, entered the plane without leaving claw marks on the doorway, and buckled himself in his seat. He drank his juice, ate his contraband granola bar, popped his ear-buds in his little ears, and watched Stuart Little 2 for the entire flight. Hallelujah!!

In a mere two hours, we were safely on the ground in California and I was neither toally wiped out, nor ready to sell my children. My arms were not strectched out rubber bands from wrestling with a maniac child hell-bent on getting out of an airplane at 30,000 feet. It was the best flight ever.

We are all settled in, and had a super-crazy day yesterday, with all the travel and family goodness. I’m at Dumbs house right now, submersed in joy at his super fast, super gigantic computer and the delights thereof. He’s lying on his bed behind me, arguing about doing laundry with our cousin Michael, in his total bachelor room; huge computer, stacks of DVD’s, laundry, baseball gloves, history books and his funky hat he wears to play some game online. We like to tease him about his hat of funkness. but hey,I got me some free computer access!

My boys are sunburned already from playing ball in the backyard with Dumb and Dumber and half a dozen other friends and cousins. We have not real plans until next week when we head to Disneyland. I’m hoping my dad can sneak a fishing trip in for the boys- even if they don’t catch anything, who but a grandpa should teach boys to fish??

Being with family is so wonderful. It’s been two days, and no one has even gotten ticked at anyone else yet! Yehaw! Here’s to a wonderful week…

18 thoughts on “Notes from California Part 2, Chapter 1

  1. Wow. Internet access while traveling… is there anything sweeter?

    Your post has me excited to see my family at my sister’s wedding in 2 weeks. Thanks for being so positive and giving such a great child/airplane story. Ours will be in the car, but still. Can you tell I’m a little on edge? 🙂

  2. DVD players are awesome for in flight sanity. And, just an FYI, I know that the airport in Seattle has a In Motion pictures, where you can rent a new video that your kid has never seen before, and then just drop it at the airport you land in. Or, if your destination doesn’t have a drop box, you can just pay around $5.00 for a UPS envelope, and then just drop it in any UPS mailbox. It’s dreamy. I heard one man say, “That’s too much! It’s not worth it, I’m not paying that.” Yeah, clearly he wasn’t a Dad.

  3. “Being with family is so wonderful.”
    Who are you and what did you do with my friend?! She’d never say such a thing!! LOL, glad to hear you’re having a good time though.

  4. “DVD players are worth their weight in fruit snacks” Too funny!!!

    I was worried at first about spending almost $200 on a contraption we’d use once or twice a year. But wow. It was the best investment we ever made! For that once a year in the car or on the plane, my sanity is worth twice as much as I paid for it.

  5. I KNOW you’re having fun, because I know you love your family. That’s what you’re always telling me, how much you love your family…..
    I don’t care about what’s on the burrito, but I’m not a huge fan of beans. Surprise me.

  6. I agree with mo mommy, I don’t care what’s on the burrito either. Now the pizza needs to be meat with meat and a little meat.

  7. Hey Wiz, the BEST burritos come from La Bamba in Mt View, Ca. Also one can’t go to the Bay Area without a visit to Jake’s Pizza!! I’m sure DM can hook you up.

  8. Consequently, I come home on the plane with a backpack LOADED with hot food- I spend my last day here running around to all my DH’s favorite places, and I get on the plane smelling to high heaven. Large All Meat Jakes Pizza- worth it’s weight in gold, and a possible corronary for DH later. And at least 10 pounds in Bamba burritos- 2 veg for me, 2 carnitas for DH and one for Mo Mommy, who has yet to taste the most divine burrito to grace this dear planet!

    You don’t want to sit near me on the Southwest cattle car- between the screaming kids, crying baby,and the stinking bag of food!

  9. “most divine burrito to grace this dear planet”
    We’ll see, you know my standards are high.
    Btw, I WILL be meeting my burrito, I mean YOU, at the airport!

  10. It sounds like you are going to be bringing so much food home that you should just pack it in a box with dry ice. Oh by the way the picture of the trees makes me want to see what California is all about.

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