Notes from California, Disneyland Edition

AWOL Mama checking in here! I’m still alive, just on vacation with the family. I’ve got a log jam of words banging around in my head from not writing for so many days, but this is going to be quick anyway. We’ve logged onto a wi-fi somewhere in Anaheim, and I’m doing a stealth posting on a pirate airwave on a borrowed computer from a hotel right, and I do mean right, across the street from Disneyland. We are here! Hooray! The babies are all asleep, worn out from their first day in the magic kingdom…

Pirating an airwave isn’t illegal, is it? I mean, it’s air, right? And pirates go with Disneyland, so Yo Ho, a pirates life for me! This is my first trip to Disneyland since new years eve 1999-2000- the longest stretch of my life without going to the park. My family are all Disney freaks- right now there are 10 of us in a family suite at the hotel, and uncle Freddy isn’t even here.

The best part of this trip is seeing my children light up with joy at the same things I loved as a kid. After a little trepidation, my kids were so totally gung-ho for all the rides. Jeffrey even rode Big Thunder Mountain, smooshed between my both brothers, with his hands high in the air. Eric was delighted with Dumbo and with the Buzz Lightyear ride. Abby slept and burped and didn’t care much for the blops of water that splashed on her in Pirates of the Caribbean, but otherwise has been most agreeable.

It is flippin HOT here, and I think I have sweated about a gallon pushing around babies in strollers, but I have a lot of help from my family, so three kids without the husband in Disneyland isn’t the disaster it has the potential to be. Tomorrow I’m seriously considering going out and buying a new stroller just for this trip- I have the new Silver Cross I bought a few weeks ago with us, and it is awesome, but Eric is using that and I have Abby in an older Peg Perego I borrowed from my cousin- and it’s not working so hot for five days in Disneyland. Dropping a hundred bucks on another stroller doesn’t delight me, but neither does being miserable for almost a week of walking all day. There is a Target up the street from Disneyland that opens at 8 tomorrow morning, and I may hijack my cousins car and make an irresponsible purchase. We’ll see…

The “shower” at the hotel when we got back tonite was actually more of a “spit and spray”, but after the HOT, I have never been so grateful for being “spit and sprayed” upon. Ah, cool water! Cool Anaheim water, at that!

I’m off to the Land of Nod- the babies are already there, and I go to join them. We’ll be in the park for a million hours tomorrow, so my poor feet and noggin need a bit on beauty sleep. Yo Ho, Yo ho, a mama’s life for me…. 

7 thoughts on “Notes from California, Disneyland Edition

  1. Oh sounds luke good times. There’s nothing like the magic kingdom with kids! Target has the Maclaren Volvo for about $110… that would be my irresponsible pick.

  2. Oh so jealous! Haven’t been there since 2003! Longest stretch for me! Are they still doing the 50th anniversary celebration? If they are for how long? I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to enjoy Disneyland! I’ve been wanting to jump the gun and just take her anyways but Disneyland and a 2 year old? Hmmm…

    I think I’ve been inside that Target! Leave it to a mom to find the nearest Target no matter where you are!

    Did I mention how jealous I am?

    Have FUN!!!

  3. LOVED our trip to Disneyland last October –we took all three of our kids; but #3 went with my aunt for 2 of the 3 days so our oldest kids would have more fun. We had such a good time even though we were all so exhausted.

    I can’t wait until we can go again…Have fun!

  4. I saw your name lit up at Bloglines and thought, Oh, are you home??? Glad to hear from you and that Disneyland has been a good time. And listen to you be all positive about the cruddy water pressure at the hotel! 🙂 Don’t overhydrate yourself drinking too much water, we all know where that can lead. 😉

  5. We hit Target at 8:15 am, and I dropped a Ben Franklin on a stroller with a platform on the back that Jeff can sit or stand on… good buy at twice the price.

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