Poppies are quite possibly my favorite flower. Sometimes I think it’s Peonies, but poppies are so much less fussy than peonies…

Newborn babies have always reminded me of poppies- the way they are all folded up, soft and tender, with creases and wrinkles from being inside, safe and protected, and how they gradually unfurl with time, revealing splendid, unimagined beauty.

Besides, my kids, in a perfectly innocent mispronounciation, call peonies “the penis flowers”.  Yes, poppies are my favorite…

5 thoughts on “Poppies

  1. Poppies. They remind me of the United Kingdom. They grow everywhere there. Smaller and tighter than our outlandish variety. Perfect and bright and beautiful. They’ll never be my favorite, but there is something about them, I agree.

    *Chuckle* At the penis flower. That made me grin.

  2. Your boys are priceless. I am ashamed to say that I don’t know if I could identify a poppy or a peonies. And I LIVED in the UK. Oh wait..I remember red poppie day when people would wear them on their collar….but they were plastic…


    I wish I could meet you at a park today and eat a big fat burger. It is one of those mornings. How is the fabric project coming? 🙂

  3. You mean my work that I’m totally shirking by checking my e-mail? That project? Uh, yeah, about that…

    I have “writers” block- I simply cannot come up with anything I feel is worth working on… I have a folder full of sketches, but nothing is jumping out at me, and it’s totally agrivating.

    I tried to go to my printer this morning, with two of the three kids, and ended up sratching that when Eric pee’d his pants and had a meltdown because I wouldn’t buy him any M&M’s… I mean, I understand about wanting m&m’s, but it was just more than I could deal with.

    I wish I could meet you at the park this morning, too!

  4. I love poppies too. Not until the crocodile hunter died had I heard the term “Tall Poppy”. He had referred to people accusing him of suffering from tall poppy syndrome. So I wiki’d it and it really is something.

    Totally off subject. Hey Tracy, I’m glad you had a great time in CA!

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