Temporal Causality Loop

Cue the Pink Floyd- you should be hearing ticking clocks and the deep heartbeat rhythm followed shattering bells… tick. Tick. Tick…

Time. For some reason, I thought when my kid started school, I would suddenly have all kinds of extra time. Ha! What was I thinking? Novice mom I am not, but novice school-age mom, count me amongst the ranks. Lately I find myself running around like the proverbial headless chicken, to and fro, and getting very little accomplished in the meanwhile. Even carving out a few minutes to write, something very important to me, had been a challenge.

Gone are the whimsical days of doing whatever the mood sent us. Gone are the days of lallygagging about the house in our pj’s until noon. Gone are the days of frittering the afternoon away at the park, until we felt like coming home. Nope. No more. Now,  I have to know what time it is- all the time. While I own a few watches (of the Mickey Mouse variety), I haven’t worn them in probably 20 years- but I’m starting to think I might have to break down and strap on the ol’ timepiece. So far I have managed to get Jeffrey to school on time every day, and have not yet forgotten to pick him up. SO far.

And the time he is at school? The hours between 8:45 and 2:45? For the life of me, I can’t figure out where they go… Maybe I run to the market, or throw in an errand or two, but seriously, six hours ought to last longer than…. well, longer than it does. It seems like by the time I get Eric and Abby home, start some laundry, do some necessary stuff around the house, then it’s lunch time. Manage that, put Abby down for her nap, and before I know it, it’s time to go pick Jeff up again, and when I get home, it’s time to start dinner! Holy cow! Where did the day go?  Then I do it again tomorrow.

My work is being sadly neglected. My family is fine. At least my priorities are in line, but good greif, what’s a mama to do? And, I have the sneaking suspicion, it’s only going to get faster and “more” everything…

The sun in the same, in a relative way, but it’s sinking, racing around,to come up behind you again….

7 thoughts on “Temporal Causality Loop

  1. Tough cookie! I hope things get better through the routine of it, and that you will be able to slow down a little. That or summer vacation will never mean more to you than it does now. 😉

  2. Oh dear…you can say that you may not have been aware of how crazy it all can be, but you were definitely warned of this situation. Oh how you used to say how envious you were of me with two in school and two at home. I will not say “I told you so”, but I will say that it does get to be more “normal” and for me I do a lot less housework in those hours and a lot more one on one time with the ones who are home. It works out quite nicely in the end. As for summer vacation, starts out nice with no clock to watch, but then the numerous playdates and activities during the summer seem to make it almost worse. Basically, look forward to the last one in college 🙂

  3. I remember those days of running the kids around all day. And I remind myself now that I’m working fulltime that if I were home fulltime with the kids, I’d still have very little time—because I’d still be running them around all day. I’d much rather be doing that than working fulltime, though.

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