Doctor Gerber

Just for the record, taking all three kids to the doctor at the same time, on the same day, at 9:00 in the morning? Bad idea- well, it had good intentions (all three done at once!) but what’s that they say about the road to Hell being paved with “good intentions”? Yeah, they were right. I may have gotten them all done at once, but I also had to get them bathed, dressed, in the car, and to the office all at once, too…

Usually I try and make us all look presentable for annual doctor check-ups, but this morning, I just ran out of time. They did all manage to get their baths, but that’s as far as my mama-skills carried me. Jeff chose his own outfit- jeans, a superman t-shirt, paired with his new snow boots. Eric got himself dressed, too- pants too small, a sweatshirt and Jeff’s outgrown sandals. Niiiiiice. At the last minute, I grabbed Abby from bed and just took her in her Jammies. We must’ve been quite a sight tromping into the doctor’s office, red haystacks of wet hair, mismatched clothes… “What season is it Mrs. M?” “Who cares…”

And. Everyone got shots. Yup. All three of them. It was cacophonous, the wailing and gnashing of teeth… rather like cats yowling and screetching- the whole office could hear my kids, even with the door closed. The nurses were laughing. So was I, but it was the rather brittle laughter that comes from being extremely close to the edge of your mind, but just aware enough to be slightly embarrassed…

All is well- no problems or issues, other than my baby is gigantic! She’ll be five months on Monday, and she is 20 pounds. Seriously! Someone feed the poor girl! She’s so squishy and chubby and she looks like the Gerber baby- at least that’s what the senior citizens at the grocery store say! And I’m good with that.

Besides, is there anything cuter than fat thighs on a pink-cheeked baby? She better enjoy it now, cause it’s a narrow, narrow window for fat thighs being super cute!

8 thoughts on “Doctor Gerber

  1. So we need to discuss the width and breadth of that “fat thighs” window… exactly when does it stop being cute?

    Roz’s fat thighs are still adorable… so I’m thinking somewhere around 3 years, maybe? Or longer?

    I hear you about spacing the kids’ appointments out. As big a pain as that is, mornings like yours are too traumatic to be worth getting it all done in one day.

  2. I can’t believe you did baths! I would have taken them ALL in their jammies, but made sure I was at least showered. hee hee

    I love baby fat. I told my daughter how she had baby fat when she was little and it was soo cute, but I don’t think she liked that very much. She already hears from her friend’s parents and so subsequently her friends, how being fat is bad. You haven’t really lived until you’ve heard your daughter’s friend say (at age 7) she didn’t want Ranch dressing for her nuggets because Ranch was fattening. I immediately said it was not fattening (we have different ideas on what makes you fat – I think it’s mostly sugar, they think it’s mostly fat) but emphasized that I didn’t think it mattered even if it was.

  3. fat thighs at 3 are still cute. My daughter is quite proud of her “big legs”.

    Hats off to you for the doctor’s appt. I try to avoid taking 2 at a time…. with only one appointment, the other one doesn’t even need to be there. Avoid, avoid…

  4. I shudder at the thought of the things my daughter will learn from her friends about body image… and I hope I do a good enough job at home that she isn’t swayed by pressures… (Keeping fingers crossed!)

    By the way, I TOTALLY agree on the sugar thing- before I got pregnant with Abby, I lost 35 pounds and the ONLY thing I really did differently was totally cut out sugar. It workds.

    Fat thights are definately still cute at three… but at 33, well… 😉

  5. My mom used to take all seven kids to the grocery store with her. Cashiers would gasp and ask if all those kids were hers. Then they would go on to tell my mom how crazy she was. She didn’t like being told she was crazy when she was obviously not. So she started telling stories like, “Oh, these seven? No, no, I have five more at home.” Kudos for letting the kids develop thier own sense of fashion.

  6. Oh, I so know the problems of simultaneous doctor appointments. They always seem like such a good idea… a month before you actually have to try and drag all those kids out the door and — gasp! — into the doctor’s office!

    And, its really common for me to have 3 kids in tow at the grocery store, and when people start in with being amazed at that fact, and how I must be a loon, I drop the bomb about the other 4 at school! That either shuts them up or gets them to admit that they themselves are from a family of 6 or 7 or 8, and they always loved it!

    Ya just can’t win, I suppose!

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