Bats in the Bat Cave

This is SO gross, but in the interests of posterity and honesty, I have to record it. Stop reading now if you have a weak stomach.

Tonight, I went to the Releif Society (chuch women’s organization) broadcast with a friend at our stake center (main church building)- I took Abby with me, and left DH with both boys and a request that he do something fun with them.

When I got home, the boys met me at the kitchen door, jumping up and down, excited and happy I was home, but also looking quite like little cats who had eaten a canary or two. They were very excited to show me something. Something very special…

On the kitchen door, I have some magnetic clips for keeping papers I can’t lose- and hanging from one clip was a plastic zipper bag. The boys were clamoring and jumping wildly with excitement, pointing at it and laughing. At first it looked empty- but as I looked closer, it became clear what was in them.

“Are those what I think they are…?”

Hysterical laughter and jumping and giggling. DH looked very proud. In the bag were… boogers. Two. Great. Big. Hard. Boogers. DH had fished them from Beanies nose with tweezers. And they were all so impressed with them, they saved them to show me. This is what my boys do when I leave them alone for a few hours.

Is my house the only deranged house on earth, where boys’ idea of “something fun” while mom is away is this?

9 thoughts on “Bats in the Bat Cave

  1. They could’ve been lentels……they were as big and hard as the pea-gravel at the playground across the street…..very impressive!

  2. Three days ago my oldest pulled his daycare provider into the bathroom to show her the size of his poop. To his credit she did say it was an impressive showing from a 4 year old…
    IF they really were that big it makes sense that you dug them out, they probably hurt!

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