Abby Kitty

The weather here is still unseasonably warm, and we have all the windows flung open each evening to catch a breeze. It’s kind of nice, but I am ready for some fall colors and crispness to the air- but that’s not what this is about.

My husband and I were standing in the bathroom talking (why? it’s the only place in the house we can escape from the wild monkeys…) and through the open window, we noticed a cat in the backyard, howling and yowling and screeting as only a cat lookin’ for love can do.  Then it would pause, and wait for it’s kitty love interest to yowl back- and the song carried on.

The only thing was, it wasn’t yowling and howling to another kitty- it was yowling and howling and calling furtively- to our darling little daughter! Yes, sweet little Abs was in her crib in her room, chatting and cooing and talking to herself, somewhat loudly, and since all the windows were open, her cute little baby noises has floated across the yard, and called this poor tomcat out looking for a lady!

We stared at each other, and waited in silence- the cat would yowl, then be quiet. Abby would coo and screetch, the cat would answer! There was no doubt the cat was answering her- poor frustrated tomcat!

Abby had her first suitor! It’s both hilarious and disturbing all at once!

11 thoughts on “Abby Kitty

  1. HA! The blog is my kids’ baby books! It’s how I remember things, then, when I’m older and the kids are in school, I’ll make somethin’ pretty for ’em!

  2. Her first suitor. *grin* At least this one you can easily shew away.

    Ugg, my 15 year old has one I wish I could so easily dismiss.

    Very cute storY!

  3. Ok, that is way too funny AND weird! Hope you asked that cat all kinds of questions- you know, “What are your intentions for my daughter?”, “What are your career plans?”, “What kind of grades do you have?” “When do you plan on bringing her home?” Then again, if he was in heat, which most adolescent boys are, then I’m sure you’d just keep her locked up!

    He he he! Ok, I know that was kind of twisted, sorry! Good thing she has a ways to go before that happens! I know I’m relieved to know that I have a while! If only I had a boy!

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