I’ll Never Tell. Never.

The lovely and wonderful Mo Mommy has a suggestion today, on her birthday, no less, of a cathartic exercise I am tempted to try…

1) Write 14 things you wish you could say to people, but never will.
2) Don’t say who they are.
3) Never discuss it again.

1) It’s not about you. Really, it seriously isn’t. I wish I could make you see that.

2) I wonder if you are doing this just because nothing else panned out for you.

3) You are my favorite.

4) Are you really sure, deep down, that this was the right person for you?

5) I don’t hate you anymore, but I don’t care enough to tell you.

6) Sometimes I worry about the person you will become, and it scares me.

7) You need a big dose of tolerance and charity, because your heart is headed in the wrong direction.

8 ) Your phone call meant “sanity” to me. It meant I wasn’t crazy, and I’m holding fast to that thought.

9) For the rest of my days, I will regret what I did- if there was any way, I would move heaven and earth to make it right.

10) Why is being right so insanely important to you? Isn’t doing right more important than how people perceive you?

11) No matter what you think, I love you, and my heart and my door will always open to you.

12) What you want is not that important to me anymore.

13) I wish I was important enough to be a real person to you, instead of a cartoon cut-out made of defensive postures and formed by the viewpoint of others’.

14) Because I had to, and if you paid more attention, you would understand.

3 thoughts on “I’ll Never Tell. Never.

  1. Just fyi, I totally discussed mine. With Heathen. But it was online so there was a nice buffer to filter all the emotion out. It was a good first step I suppose…
    For what it’s worth, I love you madly!

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