And for Our Lesson…

Tonight before FHE, such as it was, I was riffling through the kids’ art drawers, and I came across a paper, with the following spelled out in crayon:

butthed terd shuttdup (sic)

As I contemplated the fine literary budding of my oldest son, I found myself tickled with his grasp of the phonetics of the English language, and giggling with glee at his covert, naughty musings.

Hmmm, I wondered aloud, who could have written this? His head perked up like a meerkat, and I could practically see his ears turning red…  Poor baby- he thought he was going to be in trouble, but DH and I were not even trying to contain our mirth, as we read his tome aloud.

He claims he was making a list of words we are not allowed to say in our house- just where he was going to post it, I can only imagine… and I find that totally acceptable. Wait till he discovers the unabridged Webster’s dictionary! Is there anyone who didn’t look up all the naughty words when they were a kid?? *sigh* another milestone… they grow up so fast.

(DH is taking the poem to work and pinning on the wall in his office… If I had an office, I would fight him for it!)

6 thoughts on “And for Our Lesson…

  1. You have to be pleased that those are the dirtiest words he knows 🙂

    Oh, and P.S. since you mentioned my blog, exactly 6.58% of my traffic has come from your direction. Thanks so much for the boost.

  2. It was ‘shuddop buttfas terd’….to tell the truth,I was just proud of him for sounding out and writing down anything.

  3. He was thiiiis close to having turd spelled right! He’s a genius I tell ya!
    I remember the feeling that whatever I wanted to sit down and write out was okay. It’s a good outlet for emotion and I obviously still carry on with it today. Good for you to encourage a healthy release!!

  4. he’s not in first grade is he? My first grader is experimenting with writing and spelling all the time, but so far we haven’t had any results that funny!

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