Help Me… Can I Help You?

I have been trying, ALL DAY, to post, but life keeps getting totally in the way. The Internet is my enemy today, I cannot get a photo up for the life of me, I have HAD it with dial-up- (yes, we are still archaic here- all my posts to this point have been on s…l…ooooooooo…..w dial-up.) NO more, I say!

I called DH at work and asked him to call the broadband company and put in an order. I’ve had it. I can’t even send pictures of the kids to loved ones because it takes 7 (yes, that says SEVEN) minutes to upload a stinkin’ snapshot. I asked him to call, because I am so steamed and irritated I know I would have gotten mad at them when they told us it would be 3 weeks and they would be here between 7 am and 7 pm… I can be there, right? Now, I don’t actually know if it will take that long, because I haven’t talked to DH, but with my luck, or had I called, it would totally be that long.

It was just one of those days. Everything has been crappy or gone wrong, and I ought to just go crawl in a hole until it’s over.

I have a plea to great and mighty Internet: I need to set up a website for my business, and I don’t know what to do. Can you operate on one of the blogging sites, or is that taboo? How do I get a pay-pal account? And does anyone who has web-design skills want to do some sort of swap for time??  (Susan? Anyone?) I am short on tons of cash, but I got creative skillz coming out the eyeballs…. but technical skills are sadly limited… SO, anyone??? Anyone??

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7 thoughts on “Help Me… Can I Help You?

  1. Pay Pal accounts aren’t that hard, I don’t think. I’d google Pay Pal, and see what happens.

    Can’t help you on the website front. I’m neither creative, nor technical. Yup, pretty much useless.

  2. I use Netfirms they are a professional business website host. You can use them free… which i am doing now or you can purchase a domain which incledes email and stuff. (eventually I will be doing that) The price per month as far as break down isnt too bad. I just havent had time to design a new look for my site so I figured there is no point in me purchasing one yet.
    Feel free to check my site out. It is only limited cause of my design flaws, my man is the one who posted it all. If I knew the languages better I would totally offer to help you out. I know there are programs out there that make laying out and posting your pages easy, but my husband likes the old fashion code. Sorry I cant be of more help. I do hope that my info may be of use to you.

  3. Click on creat account. Follow instructions. Very simple. You will have to link it to a bank account and/or credit card, so have those account numbers ready.

    My DH hosts web sites. (He’s doing MMW) I will ask him to look at this post and email you if he’s interested. I think he may be more interested in cash than creativity, but it never hurts to ask. He also knows all things computer, and will know where to point you for free services for hosting and such, if you’re interested.

    Broadband is definitely the way to go. Hope it gets installed soon! Then you can deduct it on your taxes as a business expense,which you’re probably already doing…

  4. So happy you’re finally listening to my infinite wisdom. all right, so it wasn’t really me, but who’s paying attention anyways?
    You pay a small fee to have a credit card payment processed through paypal (i do it for ebay sales) but it’s so nominal you don’t really notice.
    I can’t believe you’re leaving the dial-up clan. Now it’s only going to be me and…well, me. Congrats anyway though!!

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