It’s Always Beanie…

Honestly, this child is going to give me a coronary.

He fell asleep in the car this afternoon, so I knew his regular bedtime was kaput. He needed some one-on-one time with me, so I packed him up, left Abby and Jeffrey with dad, and headed off to Fred Meyer.

My actual mission was to find a desk/computer hutch that wasn’t butt-ugly, made of particle board or cost our retirement fund. Since broadband is coming tomorrow (hooray!), we are moving the computer from my office to the family room. If the kids are going to be on it more, it needs to be in a centralized locale, n’est que pas?

Not much luck with that endeavor, by the way. But, as I was contemplating the hideous offerings of computer-desks (went to three different stores-they all looked like shopping carts, or were cardboard painted to look like wood…), I was evidently lost in thought for longer than my recently-turned-three year old thought necessary.

Honestly, I had my hand on the race-car cart the whole time, but when I snapped out of my furniture reverie and turned back to him, he was naked! Seriously, I gave a little shriek, because how on earth…? He actually still had his underwear on, but that was only by a miracle. Both shoes, both socks, his shirt, and his jeans. And, he was still sitting in the seat of the cart. Houdini reincarnate- if I believed in that.

“Mama! My naked!” pleased as punch, he was.

Why? What possessed him? Hey, mama’s not looking- I think I’ll just take all my clothes off right here in Fred Meyer! Maybe I should try that, eh? Next time I want some attention on the frozen food aisle? Just strip down, la la la lalaaa! This child is going to give me my gray hair, I know it. Although I have to confess- as I was tugging his little 501’s back on his cute stick-legs, I thought, “Oh man, I’m totally going to write about this…”! Bad mama.

7 thoughts on “It’s Always Beanie…

  1. That beanie….. I have one of those…

    As for computer desk..there is a catalouge that has cute stuff. It isn’t made very well (think Fred Meyer prices) but it looks nice. I saw lots of computer desks, corner desks, etc. You can get white wood, dark wood, asian inspired, etc. It is called Home Decorators. The website is The stuff is a few hundred dollars (which I know isn’t cheap, cheap, but even ugly IKEA stuff is 70 or 80….).

    Good luck!!

  2. Bwahahaha! Oh, I so don’t envy you!

    (And heaven knows I’ve got two more to get through the three-year-old-nekkid stage! Wish me luck!)

  3. Ha! My oldest did that once, only it was in her preschool’s parking lot (which is also a church parking lot). Good times.

    We got our computer desk at Sam’s club a few years ago. It’s actual wood, a mission-style oak, and is holding up very well.

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