Images Long Overdue

While I usualy try and paint my pictures with words, occasionally a Kodak moment is warranted…. And now that we have broadband (Woo-HOOO!) I can actually post picures of my kids before they don’t look like that anymore..

So without further ado, here is Miss Abigail, and her brothers, The Monkeys:

AbbyThree Babies

Just look at the look on Beanies face- he has Scamp in his molecular make-up. Jeff is Buzz Lightyear, in his pleather suit and Abby is still clueless. I say IS buzz lightyear, because he, adamantly, is not just dressed up like BY, but actually IS the man himself. Beanie has a suit that matches, but he doesn’t live in it the way Jeff does- Beanie’s got too many clothes to rip off, binkies to find, monsters that live in his pants, butter to eat  and heads to break… 

(The suit also has big moon-boots, a helmet-like thing and wings to match… I wish I had one!)

Now let’s see if this works! (Holding breath…)

14 thoughts on “Images Long Overdue

  1. That is a very dear, very adorable picture of Abby–what a beautiful smile, and you can see it in her eyes. And you can tell that Beanie is a scamp–but what a cutie. And your Jeffrey has marvelous cheeks–it is good to see a picture of them after reading about them for so long. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family.

  2. Wow!!! they all look so big. And wow…Abigail looks like she has a beautiful little spirit. Can’t wait to meet her someday. love, chels

  3. Keryn- thaks- you must mostly lurk 😉 because I don’t recall you commenting much… but glad you’re here!

    Ness- Thanks, right back at ya.

    Chels- anytime you want to fly up… We miss you.

    Susan- thanks. Sometime I feel so woefully inadequate. When we got the broadband yesterday, I told DH one of the things I was most excited about was finally being able to listen to your radio posts!

  4. Jared swore up and down that Abby’s pic would be of her covered with fudgesicle! We waited with baited breath while the pics loaded in true, slow, dial-up fashion. Ta da, vindication! I knew you wouldn’t hold it against me 😉
    And Bella, you’re absolutely right. That’s why I never go anywhere without my Buzz suit on! Remember your baby powder to cut down on chaffing! lol

  5. THey are adorable, as always. Love that Abby’s smile!!!

    Beanie IS the face of mischief. You can see it in his eyes. Benevolent mischief….but still…….

  6. CUTE!! They are so adorable! Hearts are definitely going to break!

    Tracy- I know you wanted to know what happened to my hubby and I’m sorry I didn’t respond on my blog and that I’m taking up space on yours! He didn’t want certain family members to know and we don’t know exactly what family members read the blog!

    His new 4 wheeler skidded and hit a rock, flipping, and throwing him about 12 feet! Very scary!

    Thank you for your comment! I’m glad that everyone is all safe and sound too!

    Did I mention that you have CUTE kids? 🙂

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