Letting Go

I’ve caved. Seven years, I managed to hold out, but I finally gave in to the pressure. It’s not something I have ever had, or ever wanted, yet my poor, dear, hard-working husband had longed and yearned for one… so yes, my friends, we now have a TV in our bedroom.

A nice perk I hadn’t before considered- and of which we have already taken advantage, is family time. Granted, we are only on day three, but it is kind of nice to pop in a family DVD and snuggle with the kids on a cold morning. Of course, snuggling with the Monkeys always turns into blanket wars and wrestling, but still, it’s a nice way to wake up.

There’s a lot of things I have been a mule about with my dear husband- things I made issues that probably weren’t. Maybe my way isn’t always the best, and maybe I ought not to fight the DH so hard on keeping the status quo… Maybe I might be pleasantly surprised at what more of his ideas look like and what he does when I vanquish the control-freak and ride the whimsical side….

We’ll have to see how that goes… but I’m liking the idea of changes…

5 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. I love our TV in the bedroom. Plus, if we have a babysitter unfamiliar with the bedtime routine, they just pile the kids in our bed, and the sitter turns on a video, and they all fasll asleep all over the bed. It’s so cute.

  2. I hear you there – I also was adverse to the TV in the bedroom idea, but we just moved ours upstairs for when baby comes hoping it will help me adjust to nursing. I’m still adamant about it being a temporary solution though

  3. We love the TV in our room. When I wake up and can’t sleep during the night, I watch it instead of going out to the living room (inevitably followed by Bri waking up and wondering where I went). So it saves both of us.

  4. I can’t believe you caved already!!
    You could have saved SO much money by waiting until after Thanksgiving! When my electronics geek brain talks, you must listen!

    (interesting that I rant on you not waiting instead of ranting about a TV in the bedroom no?*sigh*That place has brainwashed me)

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