Kleenex everywhere, snoring abounds, grumpy little monsters and rivers of green pouring from plugged-up noses… yes, we are sick. And, I have spent the day trying to juggle tending my babies with filling orders and taking care of some neglected business things.

Didn’t go so well, actually.

Babies don’t (and shouldn’t have to) understand Mama being busy, or trying to return e-mails and phone calls. So finally I just gave up.

We all piled in my bed, I popped in The Little Mermaid, and snuggled until it was time for bed. Sigh. Sometimes, you just gotta go with the flow. Now, if we can just keep the cold’s from turning into ear infections, it’ll be a minor miracle.

Oh, and it’s my brother Dumber’s birthday today. Happy Birthday!

3 thoughts on “Colds

  1. Ugh – so sorry about the sickies. I’m learning that sick kids can be an overwhelming and all-consuming thing to deal with. Someday (far far away) your kids will fondly remember cuddling with you while they were sick though – so it was worth it!
    (And I wish you luck with getting all that other stuff done somehow!)
    And I’ll pray for no ear infections!

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