First Tooth

This afternoon, as I was cleaning up the kitchen, Jeffrey comes bawling down the hall, tears into the kitchen, displays a mouth full of blood, and the telltale little gap where once his tiny tooth had been. He lost his first tooth! And though he has been wiggling it for days, the actuality of it falling out was startling and frightening. Poor Boy!

Congratulating him, I grabbed some paper towels and began to sop up the blood and blot his tear streaked face, reassuring him that everything was OK. We sat down on the floor and he climbed, big giant boy, in my lap and wiped his tears on my shirt.

We talked about teeth,  how bigger, stronger ones are waiting underneath, and how this is perfectly normal for a boy his age. He kept on crying, and I found tears springing to my eyes, too.

This was a real milestone in his life. Another mile-marker of him growing up and becoming his own person. He kept saying he didn’t want anymore teeth to fall out, that he wanted to stay just the way he is now. What could I say? It’s inevitable? We all grow older? We just sat and quietly talked about growing up, he in my lap, I on on the living room floor, while Beanie and Abby played.

Then he remembered the Tooth Fairy…

And suddenly, he wasn’t scared anymore. He leaped from my lap, and wanted to see the tooth- and the “hole” where it had been. He showed Beanie, now quite proud of his accomplishment, and the moment was over.

He’s sound asleep. A small envelope with a tiny little tooth is tucked tightly under his pillow, and hopefully little boy dreams fill his head. Now I must be off, I have to prepare for my inaugural trip as the Tooth Fairy. I wonder where I put my wings….?

8 thoughts on “First Tooth

  1. Such a sweet post! I’m sure you’re enjoying these milestones for your child.

    My son is 6 and still hasn’t lost a first tooth yet. We’re beginning to wonder if it will ever happen. He smile is so perfect and straight. I don’t want that hole, but I know it’s just a part of growing up.

    I like your blog! 🙂

  2. That is so fun!! Our tooth fairy leaves a tiny note……

    There is a really sweet book (with BEAUTIFUL illustrations) called Twinkle the Toothfairy. Is ia good one to have around. It is a bit girly, but a book is a book. Right?

  3. My oldest lost her first tooth while on vacation. She will always remember that. My second one is desperately waiting for a loose tooth. That hole in the mouth is the cutest thing ever. The big teeth in the mouth that’s too small for them is a little strange, however, but it’s all part of the package.

  4. I really like the Toot and Puddle book about losing teeth (Charming Opal)

    Good luck!

    It’s moments like that I suppose when we realize why adults have created all these opportunities for our kids to believe in things.

  5. Yes, I thought of that- how much comfort he took from the idea of an imaginary fairy who would take away his little tooth and leave him some money… So harmless, and so comforting.

  6. My daughter is also almost 6 1/2 and she still hasnt’ lost a single tooth to her dismay. She can’t wait to have that hallmark hole to show how grown up she is. Oh, how fast it goes!

    Congratulations though! Such a big step. Hey, he can bring his “hole” for show and tell if they still do that.

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