A Breif Rant

It’s getting to the point where my trips to Costco are almost as fraught as my trips to Target. Yes, that was us you heard today in Costco, or more precisely, that was Beanie, screaming “NOOOOOOooooooooo!” and making his bones turn to rubber bands as I dragged him towards the door.

We just went in to grab “Cars”-and a pizza. Silly me. I thought it might be nice to have a family night tonight, snuggle up with a blanket and some popcorn, and watch the latest Pixar masterpiece. Well. We got the movie, but Beanie was so naughty I’m not sure he should get to watch it tonight- and that bums me out. Plus, my husband called me (about 17 times already today- it’s slow season at work) and reminded me he has an EQ presidency meeting tonight. So, my warn snugglies are out the window. Oh well.

Does anyone else have a DH who calls all the time? He calls at 8:25 in the morning and asks me what I’m doing. WHAT do you THINK I’M doing, you turkey? I have a baby on one hip, a diaper bag on the other, a three-year old rolling on the floor, I’m trying to get the coat at backpack on the kindergartner and it just started raining. Beanie has pulled his shoes off for the third time this morning, and I can’t find his socks now. Abby just pooped, and if I change her, we will be late for school, but I can’t let her sit in poop, so off with all the coats, and to the changing table. While I do that, Beanie will spill his cereal at the table, and Jeff will trip over his shoelace and bust his lip open- all while I have the phone pinched between my shoulder and cheek and listen to you, in your quiet, peaceful office, ask me “what I’m doing?”. Cool babe!

18 thoughts on “A Breif Rant

  1. My husband doesn’t call me, but IM’s me through google. Sometimes it’s me asking what he’s up to, but I only have a three year old and a one year old.

  2. I think they like seeing us hot and bothered. DH says it’s cute when I’m mad. arghhhh. feeling ya! feeling ya!

  3. Shoot ‘im.

    If the phone’s ringing as I’m walking out the door, they’re leaving me a message… it takes an Act of God and Congress to get this many people out the door on time and nothing is going to stop it. Not even sweet hubby (who, yes, does call and email all the time… it’s so cute when it’s not at a bad time).

  4. I have to laugh at this–been there in the old days (well, not too old, the youngest of four is now eight and life is not nearly so chaotic) but in a way I think those calls from my hubby were my life-line to sanity.

  5. I can’t say he calls all the time, but his calls are not consistent. I can wait for an hour for his phone call, sometimes he doesn’t even have time to talk. Geesh, what is up with that, if you are going to call at least talk to me! 🙂
    Anyway, I had to chuckle all through your post. That is why we have call answering, they can leave a message if I am out the door!

  6. If my DH calls under such circumstances, I will answer and then put the phone down. I think hearing what is going on is a good motivator to calling during naptime. 😉

  7. Aw! Costco- The one hundred dollar store! We were just there the other day!

    At least you know that you’re always on your husband’s mind! I think it’s cute, but there can definitely be a point where it can start to get excessive and annoying. I guess it depends on my mood and what I’m doing, with my hubby! Somedays, he doesn’t call enough!

    Yeah! For Cars being out!

  8. Also, when she’s getting mad, she starts calling me ‘dude’ on the phone……..” Dude! I’m hanging up now! ” I’m a bad daddy.

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