Charlotte and the Silver Screen

OK, normally I hate it when they make a book I love into a movie. Always always always, the images in my mind are more vivid, multidimensional and real than are someone else’s interpretation- and that’s all well and good. But there is something I watched today I think I’m excited about seeing…

Charlotte’s Web is coming out next month, right before Christmas. Out of curiosity, I checked the website and the trailers- and by the end of both of them, I was in tears. It looks like they might have done right this time- the story appears to be handled with the care and sensitivity it deserves, and the animals are all real animals, as was done in Babe. The exception being Charlotte, who is CG, but I suppose there was no other way to create a word-spinning, talking, articulate, lovely spider. But she does look like a spider- they didn’t cute her up too much, which also makes me hopeful the film might remain in true with the original spirit of the best children’s book ever.

After watching the trailer alone, I called the boys in to see their reaction. They watched in rapt silence, and when the trailer was over, Jeffrey, very happy, puts his arms around my neck and whispers “Mom, I might cry when we go see Charlotte”.  Hugging him back, I think, yes, I know, sweetie. Me too.

My feelings for Charlotte run deep and long, so I will approach this film with caution, but with a dewdrop of hope, as well.  Oh, and a full box of kleenex for me and my boy.

10 thoughts on “Charlotte and the Silver Screen

  1. I watched the trailers too…Ummm, goosebumps anyone?! If you go and see the movie, and you don’t really like it as much as the book, I wouldn’t be all that disappointed because I’m sure your boys would love it!

  2. I think I saw a commercial for this. I loved the book, but I don’t know if I can watch a movie with a realistic looking spider as the main character. Just don’t ask it of me.

  3. They are!?!?! I am going to check out the trailer right now. I just finished reading this to my kids about a month ago. They loved it and begged for more everyday!

  4. I don’t know about the movie.. I liked the animated one. Sorta strange, but fun. Also, the theater here has a Charlotte’s Web display thing and I can’t help but wonder every time i see it when dakota became so creepy looking.

  5. I saw the poster advertisements for this at the movie theatre! I too hope that it’s going to be a good movie, because I love the book! I’m so excited for my daughter to see it! Plus- Dakota Fanning is such a cute little actress and I’ve loved her in the movies I’ve seen!

  6. Charlotte’s Web is my absolute favorite children’s book which I have in an extra-large hardbound illustrated copy that I subject my children to every so often. Rarely do you see a children’s book with such prose and I have also been nervous about the movie. Somehow I just can’t picture Julia Roberts as Charlotte. I’ll try to remain openminded.

  7. Heck all I did was read your post and I got misty. The book is good on so may levels. Not just the good book level, but the sitting around reading it with the kiddlies and discovering its goodness all over again kind of goodness.

    I can hardly wait.

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