The Christmas Program Revamped

Our ward (what we mormon’s call our congregation) is doing the coolest thing for Christmas this year!! Instead of the normal Christmas party, with ho-ho-ho-ing and tons of candy, maniacal kids, Santa and all that jazz, the new activites commitee couple has taken a radical (and awsome, I might add), departure.

There will be no Santa at our Christmas party this year (and I’m all for Santa most of the time). Now, before you go getting all up in arms, listen to what they are planning…  Christmas in the time of Jesus- a sort of living nativity, if you will, but all of us will be participants. They are making booths for the gym, where vendors will be set up, selling unleavened bread, fish, yogurt, olives- all foods that would have been appropriate for the year 32 in the Holy land. The signs on the booths will be in Hebrew and Aramaic (provided by yours truly) and when you enter the gym, each family will get a small bag of “gold” coins, and a cipher key of Hebrew and Aramaic letters. With your “gold”, you purchase the food for your individual family for dinner.

Here’s the fun part- we are being asked to dress appropriately! Head scarves, robes, sandals, whatever you’ve got or can come up with- just not in your regular Christmas clothes. Now I know some people are not going to like that, but phooey- it’ll be totally fun! The music and entertainment will be time-appropriate.  Then, after dinner, there will a be a living reenactment of the nativity, accompanied by music and reading of the story of the birth of Christ.

I am so totally into this!

Just the other day, DH and I were trying to figure out how we could help our kids “get” what Christmas was really all about- and this is the perfect answer. I think they will love it, not only because they adore playing dress-up, but mama and daddy will be joining in on the “game”.  That, and daddy is going to be one of the Magi…

This year, for the first time in years, I’m really looking forward to our “Christmas” party… and they boys are going to be so cute as shepherds! Should I make Abby a sheep??? Oh, I’m so going to!!

13 thoughts on “The Christmas Program Revamped

  1. That’ll be really fun. I think one of our old wards did something similar one year. All I remember is the young woman who sang “O Night Divine.” It was incredible.

    When my kids were small, every year they’d act out the nativity with their cousins, who had all kinds of dress up clothes for that stuff. And there was always a baby in the family to be Jesus.

  2. This is superb! I am not to sure what we are doing for the whole activity, but I am helping with the “live” nativity this year. I am excited because the more people we involve the more will come right?

  3. I would LOVE that! I got goosebumps and all teary eyed just picturing it! That could be because of the pregnancy hormones though! LOL! I wish more people would do that! It seems like every year Christmas is becoming more and more about Santa and not about Jesus!

    You’ll definitely have to write about it and let us know how it goes!

  4. Our ward did this last year and it was wonderful. But they still snuck in a bag of candy for the kids at the end, which I thought was a bit off-track. Did baby Jesus get Tootsie-Rolls from the Wisemen? I think not.

  5. We did this in our ward lat year. It was a big hit and it made quite an impression. We had a Santa though(in the name of fellowshipping) but he paused to pay his respects to the baby Jesus on the way to his seat. Tied the two together quite nicely imho. And helped the kids to see that Christmas/giving gifts and Jesus are not mutually exclusive.
    And there may not have been tootsie rolls, but there certainly were nuts and fruits, which we celebrate with today (in addition to cordial cherries).

  6. hi,

    I live in Guatemala city, and I find your christmas program outstanding. Congrtulations. We may try it in our ward, where can I find those Hebrew or Aramaic signs? I searched the web, but with no success. If you have time, please, e-mail me to let me know.

    Thanks, and may you have a nice Christmas.

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