Oh Heck, it’s Up To My Neck…Gulp.

Too many irons in the fire… too many… toomany…toomanytoomanytoomany… gulp.

My brain is totally scattered- I feel like a cup running over- so much is going on I can’t keep myself straight. Filling orders, running to the printer, helping friends with their projects, working on projects with my quilt group, pot-lucks to attend with specific food requested of me, parent-teacher conferences, making and selling bags, trying to get it together enough to figure out what I want on my website, posting elsewhere too, helping with the Christmas pageant, making Magi and shepherd clothes, getting Abby in for her 6-month, making about 10 different  Christmas presents for family, making Christmas cards, trying to get my older paintings photographed and cataloged, a special project I can’t talk about for a friend, my packaging needs to be redesigned before a website, new designs need to be ready for January, have I paid the bills for November yet (?), gotta go to Costco, out of milk and Ritz crackers….

That doesn’t even touch on the domestic bliss that awaits my attention- the 7 loads of laundry needing me, the unending shovelling of keeping ahead of the tidal wave of mess made my a family with three little kids, oh, and somewhere, I have a husband who could probably use a little attention….

I need a wife!

7 thoughts on “Oh Heck, it’s Up To My Neck…Gulp.

  1. Welcome to the holiday season, baby. Sleep is a thing of the past. I gotta get to Costco, too. Hmmm….and somehow I have to be at ballet class and enrichment night with my particular food assignment (which has to be gluten free) at the same time tonight.

    I AM going to be done by Dec. 15, though. I will enjoy the last days of the season, I promised myself this year. I was done early last year, too, (by the 22nd, isn’t that early?) and then I went and broke my wrist so then it pretty much sucked.

  2. I’m hosting the quilting “birthday club” tomorrow. This is where I provide the quilt to be tied and the refreshments. Um I started on the quilt top yesterday. I will be up all night. sigh. I think so will the family with the sewing machine going. Let alone getting the dessert together. I am crazy. I also have to work with the kids until 6:30. eeps! what am I doing bloggin?! OH wait, kids are sleeping. I just totally freaked myself out. hee hee

  3. Whew, you make me tired just reading this. I think I need a nap.

    I love your title. I SO totally feel this way some days (especially this time of year). ‘Tis the season for feeling completely overwhelmed.

  4. Well if you find the secret to time management bliss let me know, I’ve got an activity to plan, a playdate to run tomorrow, a post to write, a dinner to fix, kids to pick up and here I am blogging. Priorities, priorities, priorities.

  5. Hmm…. good luck with that. 😉 I’ll be entirely understanding if you put blogging on hold for a while. That’s one thing that can wait. Here’s hoping your kiddos cooperate (meaning no more of that indoor fighting-ness that sounded so not fun). And make sure you schedule in some time for breathing in and out after the holidays before you agree to tackle anything else. If you’re like me you can do just about anything if you know a good rest is at the end of it.

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