What’s Today?

It just dawned on me that Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow… and I’m cooking this year. Yeah, I’m ready. Sure!

Actually, I’m really looking forward to a mellow day with friends coming over. We have some good friends that are military (more or less) that are joining us, and they are bringing some wives whose husbands are in Iraq- so I think this year, we will have a lot of sincere, genuine things for which to be grateful.

For some odd reason, I feel really relaxed and at home with the holidays this year- not stressed about anything, and even though I’m crazy busy, I’m doing what I can, and letting the rest fall where it may. We’ll see how long that lasts, eh?

2 thoughts on “What’s Today?

  1. I was thinking about this morning, that it’s only a week away. Good for you for hosting it this year – I think it would be so fun. We’re headed to either Idaho or Utah (the dinner site hasn’t been decided yet) and leaving Tuesday night. We’re all excited!

  2. This year we will be trying something different. We are going to the country to eat…country buffet that is, or whatever buffet is local. Whats the point of cooking for 2? We don’t even have a microwave to reheat stuff. I’m just not ready to “do” a big turkey dinner yet, maybe next year.

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