Oh MY!

OK, so the other night, we had some friends over, and they have boys that match up with ours, age-wise. They have a ball together, and there was riotous and raucous noice a plenty.

The two oldest boys, 4 and 5 respectively, were playing Buzz Lightyear with the half dozen or so Buzz dolls -er, pardon me, action figures, we have been given. They came in the kitchen and asked for the scotch tape, and since Mo Mommy and I were busy yacking and the dads were busy watching some important football game, we really didn’t notice, and they took off with the tape.

You might recall, in the original “Toy Story”, towards the end, Buzz and Woody are taped together by the evil Sid, and they are trying to get back on the moving van? Well, evidentally, that was the scene our boys were playing- they ran screaming down the hallway, our Buzz and Woody action figures taped and flying through the air, calling “Not today! To infinity, and beyond!!!” Hooray for happy boys, I say.

Later, after it was quiet, and the Mommy’s had gone home, I went in Jeffrey’s room and Buzz and Woody had been carefully placed on his dresser, still taped together.


I don’t really think there is much else to say.

5 thoughts on “Oh MY!

  1. I canNOT stop laughing. Seriously.

    Ok, props for having your dresser so clean otherwise. You can’t even see the top of my girl’s dresser, due to the fact that my oldest has decided every single school paper is sacred.

    Ok, so funny. Trying hard not to pee.

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