Trusting the Spirit

My goal this holiday is to step outside my comfort zone and try and be a better example for myself and my family of caring for others. This year I want to make Christmas about loving and caring for others, and about honoring the teachings Christ. 

Sometimes I get an idea, and I am afraid to follow through with it. I second guess myself, over-think the whole thing, and maybe chicken out, even if my intentions are noble.

Today I got such an idea. A good idea, I felt-  and instead of thinking and wracking myself, and trying to figure out what the other people would think, I took a leap of faith, packed my family in the car, and tried to do something good.

It didn’t go perfectly smooth- and I admit, even after the good deed was done, some doubts crept into my heart- I wondered if I had stepped on some pride, or inadvertently overstepped a boundary. I’m not so good at boundaries- kind of like a big water buffalo, and sometimes I inadvertently step in someone else’s carefully tended pastures.

But I’m tentatively pleased that I followed my heart anyway, hoping that my friends love me enough to forgive any big footprints in their flower beds.

4 thoughts on “Trusting the Spirit

  1. Like I always say, If I feel stupid then I did something right.
    I think it was a great idea, I’m just sorry I was too tired to share it with you 😉 And I’m pretty sure my opinion counts for something…..

  2. I say kudos to you. It’s amazing how many impressions we’re given by the Spirit that we rarely follow. Insecurity maybe? Fear? Pride? (Those are all *my* reasons!) I hope you find that your efforts were well-directed, and that you get to see some of the fruits of following the Spirit!

  3. Bravo for you! I have been trying hard to follow promtings this past year. With all the yucky depression, I figured it was something I could do. Not that I am perfect about it, but if I find my mind is on someone I try to call, email, or send a letter. I don’t know if it will count for much, but in the long run following the spirit is the best thing, and the more you do it the more opportunities come your way, and the more blessings you receive. Keep it up, and don’t second guess yourself. If the acts are not appreciated it is a fault of the person receiving the gift, not the fault of the giver.

  4. Maybe you’ll start something with your incredibly nice gesture. I heard from a little birdie that the person you visited your kindness upon shelled out a few bucks to buy hot chocolate for the guys working the gate. I guess we’ll see how far it keeps going….

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