Some of What I’ve Been Doing…


Piles and piles of toffee…. I could eat it all. But I didn’t.


Moravian ginger snaps- I used 1/4 cup of ginger- think they’ll taste like ginger?


Mr. Fakety-Faker. If you want to see what I consider a (beautiful!) real tree, go here. Notice the huge gaps in ornamentation around the 3′ level? Beanie.


And this is a diaper-bag I made the other morning for a mother of twins…

17 thoughts on “Some of What I’ve Been Doing…

  1. You MADE that diaper bag? It’s gorgeous!

    I’ve always been anti-fake tree, but man, yours looks really good (and so does that candy in the top picture – YUM!).

  2. I could so eat that whole thing of toffee. And I thought the boys were going to help you with the gingerbread? Those do not look kid-made to me. 🙂

  3. Julie- Yeah, the diaper bags are a part of my design business. I have my own label, coincindentaly called- Dandelion Mama- ta-da. That particular bag was special-made for a mom I know (only online) who had twins and needed something super size and kinda custom. I mailed it today, and really hope she likes it.

    Michelle- nah, not supermom, just someone who can’t sit still! By the way, the link is to you MOST AWESOME tree…

    Wiz- Yeah, I chickened out! I started the gingersnaps after I put the kids to bed, and Jeff came crawling down the hallway, in his super-sneaky five-year old stealthy way, and noted that he could smell gingerbread. So I let him stay up and watch, and he ate a ton of dough. I’m thinking I’ll let them help with the butter cookies, which is this morning’s plan, but I’m totally getting the shakes thinking of it… Oh, what fun the fighting and the mess shall be in our kitchen today!

  4. LOVE the diaper bag. It’s gorgeous. So my question is, how did you take such a good picture of your lighted tree? I can’t manage to get one and I’ve tried a ton of settings. Yum-o! English toffee!

  5. I totally heart your tree! I just wish we could see your star you talked about in your meme. It must be a pretty big tree if it doesn’t all fit in your photo! (Our tree is only 5 1/2 feet tall!)

    Your kids are so lucky! Don’t you just love knowing that your kids are lucky because of you?

  6. When do you start selling the bags? Seriously. I love them……. 🙂

    The house and candy and cookies look great. I want to be a baby dandilion this year for Christmas. :-0

  7. Aaaagh! I’m not Molly! I did all this kind of stuff all my life- and I’ve only been LDS for four years!!! Remember, I’m an artist who now stays home with my little kids, and for my sanity, I have to find somewhere, somehow to create… and thus, this is what I do…

    Not that being a Molly is bad….

    heather, really, I’m not with it, … it’s just pretty pictures! Anyone can line thier duck up in a row for a photo op, right?

    Bek- no worries, I’ve got you covered. Why do you think I wanted to know what colors you like??

    Oh, and I already sell them- $65-$75+, depending on the fabric choices.

  8. Anoridanymom- I just checked out your site- sounds like Charlottes Web was fun- I can’t wait to see it… my five-year old and I have a long history with that story, and have already agreed that we will cry together… thanks for coming by here- I haven’t seen you before.

    E- thanks!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my site. I have been lurking at your blog for a little while and I decided to finally take the plunge and comment 🙂 !!

    I hope you enjoy Charlotte’s Web … bring a box of tissue 🙂 !!

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