Snow is slowly and lightly drifting down from the heavens, the boys are playing peacefully upstairs, DH and Abby are watching the Food Network, and I find myself alone in my office.

These are the single best days of the year. I love the days before Christmas more than I love Christmas itself- the actual day becomes a whirlwind of chaos, but ahhh, the days before are a pregnant joy. (Never thought I would say “pregnant” and “joy” in the same sentence, did you?)

All the hustle and bustle are over, the cookies are baked, packaged, and delivered, the presents are all wrapped, bowed, packaged and mailed, the cards have been made and sent, everything is done, and I can sit quietly if I choose, and read books to my kids. Or not. I can bake something special, just for us, or not. I can play Hungry Hippo’s again, or not. I can stay in my new pink moose pj’s all day, or not.

I love the laziness and anticipation of the last few days before Christmas. Of course, Abby still doesn’t have a stocking, but I have, what? Two and a half days left? Plenty of time! Enjoy your weekend.

2 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. If that stocking ever does get done I hope you will grace us with a photo.

    And I was just thinking this morning how much better I feel than I did a year ago – same for you (only x10) I suppose.

    Merry Christmas!

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