Hodge Podge

This made me totally laugh out loud. If you love classical music, or the cello, or music in general, check it out…

When driving on ice, in a car with anti-lock brakes, do not, repeat- DO NOT pump the brakes.  Just jam that brake pedal down and let the car do it’s job, people. That is why anti-locks were invented. If you are loose on ice, keep your foot down and say a prayer. Not much else to do.

Much like her mother, Abby’s favorite ice cream is Cherry Garcia. She drools and begins to smack her lips in the cutest way as soon as she sees the carton… Yes, my child is not quite 8 months and I let her have ice cream. Oh well.

Do not believe the lady at the post office when she says it will positively be there for Christmas. She lies.

Still haven’t started on Abby’s stocking… 48 hours to go…

Took Beanie on a Mama-Date yesterday. He wanted a smoothie and french fries. So be it. Then we went to Krispy Kreme to watch doughnuts being made. I just don’t get it- I don’t love doughnuts in the first place, so maybe it’s all lost on me from the start. But Beanie really dug watching the machines. Three-year old happiness is so wonderful.

Jeffrey is wearing Beanies new footie jammies- it’s rather like a wetsuit on him. A green wetsuit. Coupled with the cowboy boots I picked up at the second hand store, it’s quite the outfit. He thinks it’s hot.

Anyone else have kids that are bouncing off the walls right now? The excitement is at a fever pitch in our home- they can positively taste the presents- sooooo close. Only a day or two more of having to be good! DH asked me how much duct tape we have tonight… What do you suppose he wants it for?

My Christmas card quilt is overflowing. I love opening the mailbox this time of year and having the happy mail outnumber the bill mail. Small mercies = true happiness.

The gifts of the Magi are all over the place, people. We have several friends who are in tight spots this Christmas, but still manage to find time and means to do for others. It does a heart good to see such kindnesses, and to even be privy to a few of them.

For a good belly-laugh, check this out. Seriously, I want to hug my kids for only coloring on the walls.

4 thoughts on “Hodge Podge

  1. I LOVE GETTING CHRISTMAS CARDS (thanks for yours by the way)… for the very reason you mention. I have a reason to look forward to checking the mail.

    I love people like you who bother to notice all the good things about Christmastime. Too many people (at least in my realm of living) are too tired/boring/lazy to bother making the effort to notice it can be a magical time….

    And green wetsuits with cowboy boots ARE hot, silly.

  2. Ooh! Chrry Garcia! Yum!

    Mmm. That was a fuzzy post. It makes me feel all fuzzy and excited. There are just so many fun things about Christmas that I love. Thanks for pointing some of them out.

  3. Good, the joy of Christmas cards will last long beyond Christmas because I haven’t mailed our yet, yippee.
    Thing 1 tried on a too small pair of pj’s the other day. He loved them, but it sure looked like one heck of a case of camel toe!!
    If I hear one more comment like “Is it Christmas yet? How about now? what about now?Now?”, I just may go nuts…….okay, MORE nuts

    P.S. Does this mean I have to take the wetsuit off?

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