Happy New Year

I hate New Year’s Eve. Hey! Let’s all go out and get trashed and ring in a new start with a horrid hangover and booming headache! Yippee! No thanks. Even before I was a member of the LDS church, I only went out drinking once for New Year’s Eve. Usually it was a quiet gathering of friends and a time of reflection.

Now, as a mama, it’s just another night to not waste any precious sleep! Oh, I guess I need to reflect and figure out some sort of plan for the new year, but I’m not big on the pressure of resolutions, and why on earth would I waste all that time my kids are sleeping by staying up and watching a tape-delay of what the folks in New York are doing? Nope.

So it’s jammies for all of us, and it’s not even 6 p.m. yet. A plate of nachos, a bag of popcorn and a movie. Happy New Year, mama’s and daddies! Here’s to a bright and joyous and many-nights-o- full-sleep 2007.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. So we opened the door at 12:02 this morning (I don’t know why – Bri had to check outside, maybe to make sure everyone else knew it was the New Year) and some faraway idiot yelled, “Happy F***in New Year!”

    And then we decided to perform our first act of forgiveness of 2007.

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