Here are the results of the Jake’s pizza cook-off- look and weep!


This is what it should look like before you cook it- a virtual Mt. Vesuvius of toppings. And I’m totally serious. For a Jakes Combo pizza, here is what MUST be on it, in this order:

Crust, tomato sauce, real mozzarella cheese. Canadian bacon, salami, pepperoni, mushrooms, green bell peppers, onion, black olives, Italian sausage, ground beef, linguica, Louisiana Hot Sausage, topping cheese.

And here is what it looks like after 18-20 minutes in a 500* oven on a blisteringly hot clay pizza stone:


Does that or does it not look awesome? And for those of you in the know about what a Jakes pizza should look like- pretty good, eh? 

This mountain of pizza cannot be cut with a wheel- cut it like they do at Jakes- with a great big knife, rocked back and forth so as not to lose your toppings…

It’s all gone already… DH took the rest of it to work today… sob.

Now, I must be off to actually MEASURE what I did so I can share it with you! Recipe coming soon! Darn, that means we have to have pizza, AGAIN, tonight. I’m sure the family will be crushed.

19 thoughts on “Mmmmmm!

  1. Will your kids eat that will all that stuff on it? My kids are strictly pepperoni and sausage, or ham and pineapple. If a mushroom or olive is in sight, the run to the hills.

  2. Oh how you make us suffer so. Well, the only fair thing is to make enough for everyone to share. Just let us know when and where, we’ll be there. LOL!

  3. Hey BCI, you know where we live…..It’s not like you don’t have poor starving college students just waiting to eat you out of house and home…
    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it looks waaaay better than the five pounder!!

  4. I want the recipe too, even though I only live a few blocks from Jakes! The kids no longer want to go there due to Chuck E Cheese moving in. Hope all is well.

  5. AEM- the cool thing is, while I made it the Jakes way the first time, at home you can totally make it healthier- use wheat flour for the crust, turkey sausage and things like that… it really did tatse amazingly the same. And since a Jakes pie is going for 25 bucks these days, cheaper, too!

  6. So basically–and correct me if I’m off here–you have half a side of beef on a piece of dough and liberally sprinkle with cheese? Got it.

    I can see why you moan about it.

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