I was a tiny girl and membership was decades away when Spencer W. Kimball was leading the Church. My afinity has been for GBH and how wonderful he is- and for the last several years (since I became a member) we have been studying the “old timers” (no disrespect intended), it is wonderful to me discover how pertinent and aplicable the teaching of SWK are. Reading the lesson and studying for RS has been a joy the last few Sundays, and I just wanted to throw that out there.

So GBH isn’t the only amazing man, eh? How ’bout that. I’m delighted.

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  1. Spencer W. Kimball is the prophet of my childhood and I have such fond memories of learning about him as a kid. I’m in Primary on Sundays and haven’t been great about studying the lessons, but I know I should. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I, too, remember Spencer W. Kimball as a child, and felt genuine sadness when he died. Ezra Taft Bensen was very sick for most of his tenure as prophet (or at least in my child’s mind, he was), and I really did miss President Kimball. Oh yes, GBH is not the only amazing man!

  3. I’m going to de-lurk here 🙂 I remember when SWK died and I was FURIOUS that they had REPLACED HIM!!! I was quite young and didn’t understand what was going on. He was an amazing man and I’m excited to learn more about him this year.
    Side note – I really enjoy your blog. I found a link to it on the LDS Women’s blog site.

  4. I have also been SO enjoying the SWK lessons. President Kimball sounds like he would have been a wonderful man to know. My husband grew up while Spencer W. Kimball was prophet and holds a special place for him in his heart. I joined the church when Ezra Taft Benson was prophet, but it was just before he died so I never got to hear him speak, and I only just began to comprehend the modern-day prophet’s significance to me, personally, when Howard W. Hunter died. So Gordon B. Hinckley has had the most influence in my heart as well. As I read more about Spencer Kimball, I can see why my husband and so many others loved him dearly.

  5. I grew up with Pres. Kimball and can still remember his distinctive voice. Sometimes I even hear his voice as I read his quotes. I taught a lesson in Relief Society a few years ago about womanhood and I used A LOT of his quotes because they were awesome. So if you want to feel good about your role as a woman/wife/mother, go look up some of his quotes (some may or may not be in manual for this year).

  6. Aww, I’m stuck in primary again. I guess I ought to remind someone that I exist in there so I can get my hands on a SWK manual.

  7. I was just released from primary and am so excited to get to attend RS finally, and even more excited that Pres. Kinmball teachings are the topic this year. He was the prophet when I was a child and I remember going to the stake center with my dad to watch the broadcast of his funeral. Then when I was a little older I read his biography, and loved it. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for him and his dear wife, she was also a remarkable women.

  8. When I was eight I was sick in bed one day and my mom suggested I write some letters. I wrote one to SWK and one to Donnie and Marie.

    Guess who answered?

    I still have his letter, signed by hand and everything. I can’t belive he’d take the time to answer an 8 year-old’s letter.

    Donnie and Marie were too busy evidently 🙂

  9. Michelle- wow, that is so cool. I would have it framed! And now, years later, who’s still cooler? Not D & M!

    Moddy- I love his wife’s name- Vilate- and I guess I should find out more about her…

    Em- Condolences, dear- but I did learn more teaching primary than I ever did in GD class…

    Monique- I think I’ll probably hear GBH’s voice, too as I get older, because he is my first prophet…

    Heather, Chronicler, Mary- wish I had those memories, too…

    Melissa- thanks for de-lurking. You’re welcome any time…

    Julie- yes, I think I will dearly love him as the year goes on…

  10. SWK was one of my favorites too… and here’s a lil tidbit I discovered while making my MIL’s photograph’s archival safe… makes me think twice every time I serve in Primary.
    My husband’s family is decendents of Christopher Layton. (I know–quite a large family–so who isn’t? *smiles*)
    Anyway– His 10th wife, Elizabeth, gave birth to 10 kids …among them were twins-Lillian and Luella…Luella is my husband’s great-great grandmother. She used to babysit SWK and mentioned more than once in her journals that he was quite a little stinker. It was truly amazing to read that in her own hand. Makes him seem so real to me.
    So, whenever I serve in Primary, I look at those rowdy little boys, and I imagine how SWK must have been and love the dickens out of them.
    Because you just never know.

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