Bee Girl

You may not remember Blind Melon, and you may not know the melodious young hippie-man who sang her tap-dancing ditty over-dosed on heroin and died a few years ago. But I’ll bet you remember the Bee Girl.

Millie posted the video for this song yesterday, and watching it took me far and deep down memory lane. Even now, years removed from those struggles, at home in my own skin, tears spring to my eyes when the mean girls laugh at Bee Girl. Bless her little sweet, stout heart, she keeps trying, dancing and tapping and looking for another bee… someone, anyone, who gets her.


I spent most of my life being Bee Girl. It’s a hard girl to be.

When you finally, ultimately, one day, find that meadow full of other dancing bees, the joy is palpable. It’s a blessing that I have felt more than once in my life- and I have also felt the sting of the mean girls more than I care to recall.

I think this is why I keep this blog. No longer can I run in the meadow, dancing with Jerry and Carlos and Stevie and Bob; going wherever the wind blows. But I can still nurture the part of me that lives there and loves that freedom. I can let the creative side out- I can write my hopes, frustrations, ideas, be a mother, rant and love my kids all in one post, and say whatever I need to say. It’s my modern Bee Girl Dance, and you are all my fellow Bees, twirling around in the meadow with me. Thank you for Bee-ing here.

10 thoughts on “Bee Girl

  1. Tracy, you are cute. I love that bee girl, but never thought of it that way until I was an adult. I am not sure if I was an oblivious child or a mean one…. I hope it was oblivious…..


  2. What a beautiful young hippie-man he was. I could just put him in my pocket. “I just want someone to say to me… ‘I’ll always be there when you wake…'” You have to wonder what he must have been feeling.

    Thanks for dancing in my meadow with me. 🙂

  3. I think we can all relate to being the bee-girl.

    Now when I see the video, though, I think more of my children and what kind of terrible things they might have to endure. At least we eventually become stronger when we experience these things.

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