Mr. Clean, Where ARE You??

We got a call the other day from a friend of a friend who heard from her hairdressers cousins parakeet that we are thinking about selling our house- and when I called her back this morning, she is flying in this afternoon and wants to come take a look-see.

Any guesses how big my laundry pile is? Any guesses how deep the toys are in the playroom? Or how long it’s been since I scrubbed the shower-doors? Uh, yeah, guess what I’m doing today?? I need the Scrubbing Bubbles, Mr Clean and a drill sargeant! Oh, and maybe a gallon of Clorox, too! 

6 thoughts on “Mr. Clean, Where ARE You??

  1. Are you seriously considering moving? Wow, you’re brave.

    Good luck with the cleaning. I’d like to give you some tips, but sadly, you just have to do it. And do it fast. And if you put your house on the market, you have to do it BY 9AM EVERY DAY AND KEEP IT CLEAN THE WHOLE LIVE LONG DAY. Yeah, it sucks. DH liked coming home to such a clean house all the time, though.

  2. Did I miss a post? Are you moving?

    Good luck! Stuff the clean laundry back in the dryer, put the dirty laundry in the washer and then clean everything else as fast as you can.

  3. AEM- SURE! You’ve got 750K we can have? or borrow for life? 😉

    No missed post- Ive wanted to move since we bought this house- it’s a nice house, don’t get me wrong- but we bought it from California, and my husband flew up here and had 3 days to find a house- so I didn’t even see it until we arrived with the moving van and all our things. All in all, it’s been good, but I’m ready to pick my own house…

    This has always been the Five Year House in my mind- and we’re coming up on five years this spring… It’s not on the market, or listed with a realtor yet, but if we could sell it to someone whose a friend of a friend and skip all the realtor fees, YAY!

    A lot of pieces would have to fall together, so I’m just rolling with it- but if they like the house, I do have my eye on two houses a few miles away- both are more classic, two story houses, (one even has a guest house over the garage!) and both have PORCHES (double yay!)- so we’ll see. I’m not holding my breath at this point, but crap it’s a lot of work getting ready for someone to look at my house! Ugh!

  4. guest house? That totally means we’re moving in with you to save on rent!YESSS!
    If we could afford it we’d buy your house, I like it, but the fact that we’re flat broke kind of puts that out of reach….And we’d be stuck in this black hole for life if we actually went out and bought something here

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