Scene: My kitchen, the boys are peeling potatoes for dinner. They like to help, and I like having them help. I have given each of them their own peeler, cutting board and 4 potatoes to peel.

Beanie: “My potatoes are juicy, Jeff!” *giggle giggle giggle*

Jeffrey: “Oh, Bean! Mine too- if I skwish them, more juicy juice comes out!”

Beanie: “I’m a drink da juice, Jeff!”

Jeffrey: “No Bean! It will kill you! It’s poison like apple seeds!! Besides, we have to skwish them so all the juice comes out. That’s how you make mashed potatoes.”

4 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. If only mashed potatoes were that easy…
    reminds me of all the times I swallowed popcorn kernels and watermelon seeds in hopes that a popcorn/watermelon plant would grow out of my bellybutton and I could have popcorn/watermelon whenever I wanted.
    I guess I’m kind of glad it didn’t work out.

  2. Yea, my husband doesn’t really jump at polka dots like I do. I’m wearing size 10s and there are never the shoes I like in my size, I can’t imagine trying to find an 11. I suppose though if I had smaller feet I’d fall over, as I’m six feet tall.

  3. Hey I was just visiting today and realized I clicked on the wrong comment button, leaving my comment on the wrong post. I hope you figured out what I meant and don’t think I’m too big of an idiot 🙂

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